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Tucson Atheists Message Board › Why are Christians such Jerks about their beliefs?

Why are Christians such Jerks about their beliefs?

A former member
Post #: 2
My favorite argument from Christians is that the earth is 6000 years old. When asked about Dinosaurs, they give two different reasons. 1) God put the fossils there for us to find. 2) Dinosaurs lived 6 thousand years ago and carbon dating is false.

I just recently dated a girl who was a hardcore christian. We had to break up though after she figured out that I was not going to ever convert to her religion. Even though I had a huge conversation about it with her prior to us dating. But you know how people think, they just figure since they are right that I would eventually "find god" and "be saved" and that the girl could take credit for saving me and that made her feel good I guess, until she realized that I did not believe that god just made everything in 7 days, and never will.

I hate it when they argue against evolution. Stating the evidence is incomplete. That there is missing links and because of that the entire theory is false. But then they turn around and say their book claims to know the entire truth and they believe with all their heart and know that the book is correct. That the book should be taken literally and we should not question "god's word".

If I did not grow up around it, I would think that it would be impossible for people to believe in such made up stories with such heart and conviction as they call it. But they do, and they believe their stuff so much, that they must try and force other's to believe.

Here is my theory on this. See they are all forcing themselves to believe in something that their logical brain can not accept. They have doubts, and the church tells them, these doubts are work of satan. Well they do not want satan to win them over, since they are bred to fear him so much. So they proceed to try and get others around them to believe in what they do. If other's believe, and they claim they believe 100%, then it makes it easier for them to smash out the doubt in their own mind. They fill their lives with lots of believers and it makes it easier. Then they get addicted to trying to save others, because they are also preached that God favors those who try and convert to his one and only religion.

Honestly, from my point of view, if Satan existed, He would actually be Jesus. Everything about the church in it's history and it's illogical understanding of the universe, just smells of evil. It seems to me if someone wanted to take over the world, they would be better off keeping the common man ignorant, and make them trust you, no matter what you do. Most followers of Christ would more likely believe and preach anything their church leader tells them. They are told that questioning things is the work of the devil.

IN Buddhism, which I have studied a little bit, they tell you to question everything and only believe in something after you fully understand why you are believing it. Of course it did not matter to my mother and the others. They told me that Buddhism does not lead to salvation and being saved. Even though when I studied Buddhism, it really made me change a lot of ways I looked at life, and really made me happier. Buddhism was around before Christ. That Christ simply preached the things that Buddha himself taught first. That more likely Jesus was himself taught Buddhism which he then spread to his homelands.

I have nothing really against Jesus himself as a holy man trying to help other's for enlightenment. I just think his followers have been over judging idiots who believe in anything you tell them. They take their bread crumb and claim it is a cake. For example, they claim Jesus was predicted in the bible 100 times. But after a little research only ONCE was it predicted before he was born. And it was a vague prediction that could be used for anything. The other 99 predictions were written after he was born. After he did his stuff. So obviously the hype was created at some point and Jesus just did what he had to do to fill the shoes that were laid out before him from birth. Just a man in my opinion. Living the celeb hype of 2000 years ago.

A former member
Post #: 430
Hi Andrew:

I just say "ouch" to a lot of the examples which I no longer spend any time reviewing. For me, they are so ridiculous that it is not even worth pondering anymore. The 6,000 year thing - well........... and the whole use of words as branding....satan, evil, etc......... I long ago stopped taking it seriously as a response mechanism, although occasionally on a bad day, it is irritating to have to listen to it and like most human beings, with such unpleasantness, just pull out the avoidance card.

Also, now I feel like advice for the love lorn, which is not our purpose here as far as I understand it, but I'll go there anyway. From a practical standpoint, there are many couples of mixed faith, but I suspect her particular brand of faith would not be healthy for you to even be around. It basically is her way or the highway. No respect for your viewpoint, which by the way, is her perogative, although the cause-effect was the breakup of a relationship. Looks like you drove your "bike" in the direction that suited you. Truth of the matter is, her mission is to have children, and, in her mind those kids have to be raised with that concept. A guy in the background....... that would be you..... who did not believe, would not be an adequate father in her mind because it would be NECESSARY for your belief to exist to indoctrinate the "kids", BECAUSE the kids who have been born to be mean rotten little scoundrels, as defined within being imperfect human beings prone to "sin" who need to be "SAVED". I am just wondering if all those kids out there that are nice little human beings, who occasionally misbehave but aren't busy coveting anything, were God's defects? "The devil made me do it (write this)" or was that Flip Wilson?

BTW, how ya feeling? Must be hell to not be "saved" - Oh Flip, are you channeling through me again!!

Anyway, there are a few Buddhists in the group who I have had the pleasure of meeting during my brief encounter at the one general meeting I have attended. There have been others, who as they signed up, stated they were agnostic. I believe there might be Christians who come now and then who want to have a sense of who we are and why we think the way we do? And who knows, think they will change our thoughts.

Anyway, just my thoughts on your comments.
A former member
Post #: 3
Lol, well thanks to everyone with their comments. I am glad I am not alone in my beliefs and views on this type of stuff. It seems my whole life everyone around me, except a very small few, were not like me in my beliefs. I had thought the entire world has gone mad, now I just think everyone but this group has gone mad.

I should explain my anger towards Jesus freaks. See growing up my mom was hell bent, along with her church friends, on "saving me". Of course when she is a pill popping drunk idiot, that means she would be all fucked up and go on yelling and ranting about God and Jesus for hours while I yelled back at her to leave me alone and respect my beliefs.

But it did not stop there, I kept falling in love with Christian girls. I would hang out with them and their friends. I kept putting myself into situations with Christians where I would eventually let them know my beliefs, only to get them to say stuff to me like "You believe in that crap?". I would of course just disconnect from most groups I was around, luckily I had been smart enough to stay away from church groups for the last 10 years. It always peeved me that I would tell them I respect people to believe in what they want, only to have them disrespect my own beliefs.

More recently, of course was my most recent girlfriend. See I told her in the start that she needed to be ok with the fact that based on her beliefs I am going to hell, and that I was ok with that. She told me she was cool with it. Until about 3 months down the road, she goes, "well I have doubts now, I want our kids to be raised with god and Jesus." Or she said the same day "the bible IS the word of god, and my children will believe that." Then she put on the table, "you need to believe in god, or this might not work." HA! I said goodbye bitch. But I was a bit upset, as I had really gotten to like her, she was a good person, and a sweetheart. Plus I would had never gotten close to her if she was honest in the beginning about how she felt about my beliefs.

But of course what makes me most upset about Christians? Making me wish there was an unholy war against them and their beliefs. That people would take them and kill and hurt them until they denounce god. Basically just reverse what they have done against society, and have it done to them. But my bitch of a fucking whore mother. I had trusted her, with my things. I had all my stuff at her house. She went through everything, and destroyed hundreds of my cd's that I collected for 15 years, 30 t-shirts that I had been collecting for 15 years. Plus my other spiritual books that were not of christian faith and a few other things. She claimed her will was God's will. That she would not be able to live with herself knowing that her son owned things of the devil. She compared herself to an act of god. She said she was like a flood or a fire. That I should be lucky I got what I did from her. Which was pretty much nothing. I eventually had to realize I lost all my clothing and possessions and right now I have nothing but a bunch of thrift store clothing.

So I have tons of anger in my heart against Christians and their representatives. I want to create a movement against Christians. I want to speak out against them. To expose them for their greed and oppressions and crimes against humanity. They make me so angry. Why are they SUCH JERKS???

Seriously, big Jerks.

A former member
Post #: 439
Just physics, huh? A little late on the draw here, but some inspirations and there were many more. Just had never heard the phrase.

artweb - We are Stardust
This is expressed in astronomer Carl Sagan's famous quote “We are all made of star stuff”, which is the inspiration for artist ... A mysterious silhouette appears over and over in the “We are Stardust” series - sometimes a shadowy tint, ...­tml - Cached - Similar

The lyrics to Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock: “We are stardust. Billion year old carbon.”

The obituary for English physicist Geoffrey Burbidge in the Sunday, February 07, 2010 New York Times, titled “Geoffrey Burbidge, 84, Dies; Traced Life to Stardust.” Burbidge’s findings, demonstrate that “every one of our chemical elements was once inside a star. The same star. You and I are brothers. We came from the same supernova.”

There were many more examples, but I just wanted to know.
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