What we're about

The theme of our group:

Tucson Expat Group brings together individuals who were raised outside of the USA or who were born in the US but spent, at least, three (3) years living among a foreign culture. We will have the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and share experiences about international upbringing, lifestyle etc.

• Spouses or significant others of members are always welcome regardless of their ethnic background.

About our membership:

• Organizers may terminate the membership of those inactive over a period of three or more months.

About our meet-up events:

• Group's official language is English.

• Any and all suggestions for meetups are welcome.

• Upon arrival, introduce yourself to other members. They would be interested in meeting you!

• All members are warmly encouraged to initiate and arrange their own meetup, whether at a pub/bar, a restaurant, a private residence or other venues. The organizers will always lend a helping hand to post it.

• T.E.G. discourages extended discussions on political, religious or similar topics.

• At times, one may have a last minute schedule change. If you have signed up for an event and can no longer participate, kindly inform the group organizer. It would not be fair for the restaurant owner or host to keep a chair waiting for you.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Upcoming events (2)

Let us have a get together at Margaret’s casa

Needs a location

Being a Gem - show month we decided to change our outdoor - dining venue. I am very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing to those that have already signed up to the Wednesday event at Totale.

Margaret graciously offered her house for our gathering. So please join us for an evening of friendship and food at Margaret’s house. Bring a dish to share (you get extra points if it is a dish from your country of origin) and drink of choice.

Margaret lives near Oracle and W. Roller Coaster Rd. We will be emailing the exact address to those that RSVP two days prior to the event.

We hope you can join us!

* Her cozy outside patio can provide a great venue for social distancing as needed.*

Let’s try a new… Locale!

Locale Neighborhood Italian Restaurant

Hello friends

This month our culinary travels take us to Locale Neighborhood Italian! Located in historic Del Mar home – it pairs rustic Italian ambiance with mid century modern flair. Ingredients are locally sourced from farmers in Arizona. Pastas and bread are said to be made fresh daily in house.

It has a spacious outdoor patio with space heaters that our bunch can enjoy!

However, there is a catch! The restaurant does not accept reservations. I am planning to arrive early and hope to secure some tables for us. Otherwise, there is always the Taco Bell around the corner….Not!

Some interesting trivia, the restaurant’s two co-owners own Contigo Latin Kitchen, and one of them was involved with the original Tavolino Italian restaurant on Oracle/Ina. Both restaurants have been quite successful so I expect that we will not be disappointed with Locale.

Sharon, here is their menu 😊:

I hope to see you there!

Stay safe!

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Gringo dinner at Truland Burgers and Greens

Truland Burgers & Greens

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