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(An organizer is here setting up around 9:30am. Any/all members are welcome to come at 9:30'ish to help us setup. It is VERY much appreciated)

* Tables have Brand names on the end, find your brand and have a seat. There may be more than one table with your brand, PLEASE try and even out the number of students at each table.

* As you enter there are name tags on a table, please wear a tag thank you.

Mentors! As you pick tables please keep some distance from other tables to help reduce crosstalk noise, thank you.

During this hour members get to meet with more experienced users and pick their brains!

Thus we have "mentors" and "students", when you RSVP please answer the question if you are coming as a mentor or student. Sometimes it's almost one-on-one, other times small groups broken into camera brands. It all depends on the turn out as our mentors are volunteers, and a huge "thank you" to them.

Anyone can offer to come as a mentor (puh-lease DO!) if they feel they have enough experience with their brand.

Bring your camera and manual, and get some hands-on help. The mentoring concentrates mainly on understanding the camera functions, and less on photographic art and technique.

You are welcome to come during this time and just hang out, show off your gear to others, chat, etc. BUT please keep enough distance between yourselves and the mentor/student groups so as not to disturb them.. pretty please and thank you :)

We have a dedicated table for members to bring and display prints. Feel free to come during this hour to layout your work and browse others. This table stays up til the end of the main meetup which follows this mentoring hour.

See you there!

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