Pole Crush (Level 1 & 2)

Tucson Pole Dancing Meetup
Tucson Pole Dancing Meetup
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Kinetic Arts Tucson

17 E. Toole Ave · Tucson, az

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You can park out front if space is available. The meters on Toole Ave. and the parking lot across Stone Ave. are both free after 5pm.

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So you’ve decided you have a crush on the pole. Don’t worry, it happens—in fact, we think you’d better let it blossom. This class is a Level 1 & Level 2 class. It's designed to make you comfortable in your developing relationship with yourself, your body, the pole, and the way they all go together. If you do not have any pole experience, please come to a couple of our Pole Fundamentals (Intro to Pole) classes first.

In Pole Crush classes, we’ll dive into what we’ve learned in your Pole Fundamentals (Intro to Pole ) class and start perfecting the basics. By mastering simple spins and sequences, as well as improving strength and flexibility, we’ll begin taking the training steps necessary to get more difficult moves, like inversions and handstands.

This class is offered twice a week on Wednesday's and Friday's. Please check our other listings to find more classes and times!

We recommend wearing shorts and a sports bra when learning pole, as the more skin, the better the grip. Bring a water bottle and an open heart.

First Class for $15
~ OR ~
Buy a class pack and save!
New Student 3-Class Pass: $23

Regular 3-Class Pass: $40
Ten-Class Pass: $115
Unlimited Membership: $100
(with a 6-month, recurring contract)

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What to wear:
In order to help you get the most out of your pole class, we encourage minimal attire. A tank top or sports bra and shorts will be best for maximum grip. In pole, we use our legs and arms—and sometimes even the skin of our armpits, stomachs and other body parts—to help us hold on. So while we want you to be comfortable, keep in mind that yoga pants and long sleeves won't give you the skin exposure you'll need to learn pole. This class will be held barefoot.

What not to wear:
Please, no jewelry that will get in the way—especially no rings, as they scratch the pole. Absolutely no lotion or oils; this is for the safety of you and other dancers.

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