Python Hands-on Workshop

Tucson Python Meetup
Tucson Python Meetup
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Monday, January 20, 2020
5:00 PM

Every 3rd Monday of the month

Pioneer Building

100 North Stone Ave. · Tucson, az

How to find us

Downstairs boardroom. The door locks at 6pmbut it's ok. Just knock and the security guard should let you in.

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• GOOD FOR: Beginners to Python/Programming and Intermediate/Advanced who want to help others learn

Every month we will take an intro level topic, setup our environment, and then work through the topic.

February: Setup --> Write a Function --> Test the Function
March: Setup --> Review Last Month --> Read Data from files

Your laptop.

- Setup a github account.
- Have Python 3.X downloaded and installed. (prefer 3.6+)

We will cover the following, but if you want to try it:
- pip install virtualenv
- pip install virtualenvwrapper
- (windows use: pip install virtualenvwrapper-win)

Even if you have used Python, please come to learn something as you help someone new(ish) to Python get going. We will pair up more experienced with less experienced Python programmers.