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The Tucson Solutions Forum Meetup will be held between 11 am and 2 pm on November 14th, at the Denny's at 22nd and Alvernon in Tucson. This is a group of business owners and startups that meets once a month to talk over any challenges that are confronting any of the owners; other owners will solve it for you, or at a minimum give you insight. Very powerful: members have gotten over $100,000 in added sales over an average tenure of 18 months. Mike DiCarlo (Tucson licensee) and John Heinrich (President) will be facilitating.

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Tucson Solutions Forum Small Business Community Meetup

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This is the monthly meeting of the Tucson Small Business Solutions Form, where starting business owners can mingle over a free lunch with veteran business owners and receive validation for their thinking or new thinking

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• What we'll do Note that this Meetup replaces the one previously scheduled from 11 am to 2 pm. We hope the new time will be more convenient. The meal is still free to you. Business owners will meet together to talk over in a CONFIDENTIAL atmosphere (we meet in the Denny's conference room) any issues that are bothering them. This group has been very effective for members, generating on average an increase of $100,000 in revenues. After the first free meeting, there are modest dues, about 1/20th of the benefits. After the first meeting, you should be able to tell whether the group will benefit you. • What to bring Open attitudes, pad or notebook. • Important to know Change in meeting time, to 6 pm, confidential discussions, value adding

Tucson Small Business Solutions Forum Meetup

• What we'll do Members and guests of Solutions Forum will meet to talk over solutions to each other's business challenges in a confidential atmosphere. Attendees then implement the solutions and attend the following month to report on how it went, and get new ideas. • What to bring notepad and an open attitude • Important to know These are not network sessions. Challenges are presented, solutions are obtained; the average member gains over $100,000 in additional sales. We have been doing these groups for 14 years.

Tucson Small Business Solutions Forum



This is the monthly meeting of business startups, business owners and the business curious in Tucson. We discuss anything that's on your mind in a confidential, non-threatening atmosphere. These groups have been highly successful for the participants, creating over $100,000 of added sales in 18 months. We are also going to introduce Profit Growth Accelerators, which is an intensive marketing and sales program, for which we are the Arizona licensee. Past experience says this program can really ramp up your sales and marketing. Mike DiCarlo will be co-facilitating with me.