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*Meetup Update* (not an event - but a list of GMs and potential players...)
*MEETUP UPDATE* [most recent edit: new game starting up Fridays by Zachary Asbury...see below for more] Hey y'all. First: This ISN'T a genuine 'meetup' event. This is a compilation of members' availability and preferences, to assist in creating your own events. Though 'organizers' can still create open events to start up a table-top RPG game, I want to encourage y'all to be pro-active about it as well, and I want to give you resources to do so. Second: The point of listing this within a 'meetup' is to assist members in being able to view and broadcast their looking-for-game/player info. I noticed that I personally have trouble finding upcoming meetups unless they are posted for, say, tomorrow. I'd created a list within the meetup 'description,' but I'm now seeing that you'd have to know to 'expand' the description to find it, so, we're gonna try this method now. Feel free to message me if you have suggestions or commments. Thanks! ------------------- So! If YOU want to be a gamemaster (i.e. GM or DM), message me and let me know the details: what game-system, what type of game (tactical? high fantasy? campaign or one-shot?). If YOU want to be a player, looking for a game, let prospective gamemasters know what you're looking for: new player? hardcore stuff? weekly games on either saturday or sunday? That sorta thing. If YOU want to have more players for a pre-existing game, we can also list you here. GAMEMASTERS (GMs/DMs): WILLOWKEEPER: Looking for more players for Strange Happenings in the Land of the Rising Sun - a weekly homebrew D&D (5E) game! This game is originally based in a new land, based off Japan, set for Wednesdays 6pm, with player-characters starting at level 5 - see the posted meetup for more details! CORTEZ COOPER: Open to another player, for Mother's Love campaign: D&D (5E) on Sundays at 2pm! This is a story-driven game with a lot of RP...intrique, investigation, character development... See the posted meetup for more details! also, CORTEZ COOPER: looking for players for a RUNEQUEST game! Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, expect dark themes and bring a laptop (will use Roll20 character sheets). Let Cooper know yer interested so he can keep you in the loop! ZACHARY ASBURY: looking for players for the Hoard of the Dragon Queen module (for D&D 5E)! The game is JUST STARTING UP! It'll be held Friday at 5pm (weekly), at the new Tucson Games and Gadgets location at Park Place Mall. Check out its event page for more information! XTOPHER COLLIER: has a D&D 5e game already in progress - political stuff, with heavy RP, location at Greasewood and Star Pass. They may have room for one more player - check the facebook group and message him to find out! DAVE HAT: Looking for players for a D&D (5E) game, for Mondays or Wednesdays, open tables at Showtime Cards & Comics ...more on this soon. You can contact him in the facebook group, for more info. ...note, there have been other GMs who have been looking for members to start/join their groups - contact me to be added to this list! And for prospective players, revisit this list for potential updates. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PLAYERS (looking-for-group): ROBERT: "Looking for any type of game, on Saturdays" ..and hopefully more to come! This list is new, after-all, and we almost have 50 players. message me or comment on this 'meetup' post. [note: also facebook for updates from our sister-group: ]

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The purpose of the Tucson Tabletop Role-Playing Game meetup is to connect players old and new – for those who want to get together and throw some dice, get into character, and build a story/adventure together. We’re here to play games! If you’re looking for a central hub to connect you to multiple gaming groups that may fit your play-style, you’ve landed in the right spot. We welcome new and seasoned players alike, as long as you(we) treat each-other respectfully.

I’m hoping that members can use the meetup, and our facebook sister-group, to basically meet-up with other potential players and gamemasters (aka GMs [or DMs for D&D]). Here’s the link for the facebook group (run by Cortez Cooper):

Our goal is to have multiple GMs running games every week or so – whether one-shots (single-session games), short term modules (3-10 session games), or long-term campaigns (11+ sessions), with enough variety in scheduling for all our potential players.


If you are a member, looking to be a player in the appropriate group, I recommend you check our events, and/or the list of groups looking for members, as listed in a particular "event" i set up for that purpose (it's titled: "Meetup Update - not an event ..."). I used to list the games here, but then I'd have to update it in two places, instead of one.


If YOU want to be a gamemaster (i.e. GM or DM), message me and let me know the details, so I can add it on the list and/or create an event for you:

what game-system,

what type of game (tactical? high fantasy? campaign or one-shot?),

what days, times, locations,


The idea is to make it easier for potential gamemasters(/dungeonmasters) and players to contact eachother - so...use that. :)

[NOTE: Until recently we had to delete members (based on inactivity) to make room for more, as our membership was capped at 50; I just upgraded our group so we no longer have to do that, so feel free to come and go as you'd like... and for those that were dropped for inactivity, please feel free to join again. 'Life' happens and interferes even with the most awesome of hobbies, and I'd prefer to make it easy for y'all to come and go as ya please]

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