What we're about

Meet up with locals who are interested in learning and practicing The Law of Attraction and other Essential Laws in an effort to 'attract' abundance, prosperity, relationships, peace, and joy or anything you desire in an environment where we all can learn from each other.

Our group is a dialog format rather than a monologue. As organizer I will bring a a topic, book, or aspect to discuss, which we may or may not get to since the "floor" is always open to what any member would like to share or ask about and is always a very lively, interactive and enlightening experience of discussion. We are completely accepting of all faiths and belief constructs. As we each share our thoughts and experiences we ask that no one will "be offended" by a members sharing should it be "different" from theirs. We come from that we are are all one and there are many roads to the same destination-and peace.

Also....No worries, ever, if you don't attend regularly-if you need to arrive late-leave early-participate in discussion or simply observe-we're just all glad you come!

"You truly can have, be or do anything!" (group organizer)

To find us at meeting place: A MeetUp sign will be taped to the entrance and also the door to the meeting room inside..just come on in!

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