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Work from home? Digital nomad? This group is for anyone who works from home and would like a space in Tunbridge Wells where they could go sit and do some work, alongside fellow co-workers - a place to get some work done, a place to have a nice coffee and maybe something to eat, a place with decent wifi, a place where you're free to come and sit all day, a place which won't turn into Pushchair Hell at 3.30pm.

At the moment, such a place doesn't exist. We should make one!

I'm talking with a few different restaurant/pub/cafe owners around town at the moment, who all have separate spaces (normally extra dining room upstairs kinda things), with a view to turning them into a co-working club.

Not sure of the specifics yet, but would just like to gauge interest first. How many people out there would be keen on such a thing?

I work from home, but hate sitting in my living room all day every day, and would love to have somewhere to go to work if/when I feel like it.

More people are working from home than ever before, and coworking cafes are all the rage these days. No reason why we can't make our own little coworking club here in T. Wells!

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