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Join Call~ Tune Into Your Soul~ Tune Up Your Body~ Align, Breathe, Relax, Flow~

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via Free Conferencing~ please send me your email address if you would like to be included in Tuesday evening reminder!

May 29 ~ 8 pm to 9 pm via Conferencing Call.
You will receive a separate email to RSVP to hold
your space with us this week!!

Tune Into Your Soul~ Tune Up Your Body~
Breathe into Your Inner River of Peace,
Relax and Soften into a Feeling of Wholeness & Oneness,
Radiate Love~ Session includes different breathing practices, meditative
relaxation and tong ren meridian alignment tapping for
three challenges or wishes you may have in your life~
physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels all addressed!

As our group continues to grow, it is my heart's intention to offer
at my place at Pine, as well as rotating to other peeps' homes,
a monthly Sunday afternoon Bliss Blossoms guided healing
intensive for two hours, inviting other healers to share their
gifts as well!!

*Please let me know if this is of interest to you, and optimal time
as well as day~ Fri, Sat. or Sun. once a month commitment.

Here is woman's share who was on the call this past Wed.:

"Hi Grace,
Thank you so much for checking in with me.
The affirmations are still ringing true for me,
in fact, I must share with you that I went trough my reiki training this past weekend for reiki III and not long after we started the class we were asked to close our eyes to become centered as we listened to a poem and as I started to center ,my old dream terror quickly set in and started to flood my entire body but I took a deep breath and remembered the liquid golden love you calmed me with and I flooded myself with that and trusted my soul and came right out of it.....
I am so grateful for our work from last week as I'm not sure how I would have gotten out of that feeling or terrible sensation with out your gift that you shared with me!!! I thank you so, so much!
I am blessed for having done the work with you,
With love and light,

My response:

"Good to know, Tina~
Thank you for letting me know...

I sense it isn't so much that you are
"getting back out of" the terror, you are
allowing it to dissipate and be dissolved
into the golden liquid love.

I suggest continuing to allow it to come up if
it does and practice letting it go, not holding
onto it nor holding it back, you are actually
surrendering it , releasing it and letting it go
instead of resisting it and keeping it at bay.
Love you,

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