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Individuals who value personal liberty, self-ownership, free markets, and healthy living meet regularly to promote our principles, inform others, share exciting innovations, and influence successful public policy through a grassroots movement. We do this by bringing people together in person and on-line to share our stories, experience, knowledge, and inspiration in order to educate, motivate, empower and activate
each other and to promote LIBERTY for all.

We can't do this without you. You have a role in making the world a more free place. Each time you participate in this group, you help grow the movement. That's why it's so important to join our community, follow us on Facebook and/or Meetup, and share these messages and invite your friends to join.

Help us grow this movement. Help us fight for intellectual honesty and individual liberty. When all is said and done, you will look back and be glad you did. Thank you.

Details on EVENTS and ACTIVITIES -
We connect with other groups that are Liberty focused such as HempFest, CaniMoms, March Against Monsanto, Turn2Liberty or Food Not Bombs, and more. We invite speakers who own businesses that support natural health, holistic health, organic gardening, non genetically engineered foods, survivalist training, living small, gun rights and self-defense, liberty focused causes such as our constitutional rights, or are actively working on behalf of our best interests. We welcome individuals who desire to share their way of becoming more spiritually centered via meditation, yoga, tai chi, Sahaja, and others. We have hosted music concerts, open mic nights, potlucks, picnics and more that facilitates building a community of support where you can discover others with similar passionate interests as yourself. We work with groups such as SoulSmarts Academy, CSPOA, KrisAnne Hall, and others to provide ways of educating the public on their rights, grassroots movements, ways to increase our leadership abilities and become an effective activist and more.

This group is NOT aligned with any one political party, however, many of our members align more closely with either the Libertarian Party, Constitution Party or are Non-Party Affiliated. We do have some members that are GOP or DEM that are interested in promoting liberty. As such we do ask all of our members to respect the individuals right to VOTE their conscience and do what they believe is right. Our focus remains on FREEDOM with RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY = LIBERTY.

During "political" times - we will offer an opportunity for various groups to be represented in discussion panels with vendor tables type of activity.

NOTE: Please RSVP on the EVENT's outside RSVP LINK - - It is important for the event coordinators and hosts to have a reasonable expectation of attendees when coordinating with venues or food sponsors. Please know that Meetup is only one of many outreach sources for Turn2Liberty and so the Meetup RSVP numbers do not reflect the total attendance at events.

Upcoming events (5+)

FEISTY FRIDAYS with Hillsborough Political Activists

Garibaldi's Sports Bar & Grill

Feisty Friday: Hillsborough County ACTIVISTS MAKE A DIFFERENCE Hillsborough Libertarians and liberty leaning activist gather over food and drinks to discuss the political climate in Hillsborough County and come up with creative ways to promote LIBERTY and to put Libertarian Philosophies into action locally. Come on out, build community with other local activist making a difference. YOU ARE INVITED to join the online community where we stay connected all month long, share what we become aware of, where we can engage, and discuss the best ways to live the Libertarian Philosophy of Don't hurt others and Don't take their stuff right here in Hillsborough County. https://band.us/@politicalaction We are just past the archway at a group of tables towards the back-right with yellow table cloth and Hillsborough Libertarians sign. Come on back. Host: Kevin O. and the Sh!# Stirrers Krewe ![masked] Learn more about the Hillsborough County, FL Libertarians at www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org Where YOUR $9/month contribution can significantly impact HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE. So, join the activists make lives better by donating at www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org/donate

Leadership Dinner

LPHC Headquarters

The Hillsborough Libertarian volunteer leaders ( from committee and subcommittee coordinators to the executive officers) gather at the current Libertarian Headquarters (provided on Leadership BAND) for dinner prior to going LIVE for our on-line Membership Meeting conference call on Zoom.us This is our way of showing appreciation for your commitment and dedication to our team of Liberty Activists. We could not do all that we do with out you. Leaders need to JOIN our LPHC Leadership SECRET band group as this is where many of the ongoing conversations and planning will occur. https://band.us/n/a9aazdteNau02 RSVP on the LPHC Leadership BAND Event so we can plan for the proper amount of food and beverages. Thank you. KNOW A SPONSOR for these leadership meals ? If you or someone you know is willing to sponsor the meal for our 6-12 volunteer leaders please reach out to [masked] Learn more about the Hillsborough Libertarians at www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org Where YOUR $9/month contribution can significantly impact HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE. www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org/donate

LP Hillsborough County Meeting

Needs a location

Membership Meetings of the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County [LPHC] Florida are held monthly on the 2nd Sundays on Zoom.us video conference call system. All members have the opportunity to participate via computer, mobile device or telephone regardless of their location. Monthly Members Meetings are recorded. These recordings and all published reports are available to the LPHC members via the closed LPHC Members Only band group. https://band.us/@lphc IMPORTANT GROUP REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Your request to be a member of this group is verified against the Supervisor of Elections Voters Database each month, so please be sure to use the name (first and last) that you registered to vote with when joining this band group. If you go by another name and wish to use that name in this closed band group please send a email to [masked] with your legal voter name, your voter registration number, and the name you wish to go by in the band group, as well as a telephone number where we can call to confirm it is you. ​ MEETING PARTICIPATION: 1. LPHC Application must be current and complete www.HillsboroughLibertarian.org/join 2. Must be a member of the closed band membership group https://band.us/@lphc 3. You must registered for each LPHC Membership Meeting in advance for the ability to submit a motion or to vote on an issue by 3 pm on the day of the meeting for credentialing purposes. 4. Each member who wishes to vote at the meeting must register separately. 5. All committee and leadership reports are to be posted on the closed band group by the first Sunday of each month. Please reviewed the monthly reports prior to attending the meeting. 6. Motions may be presented by any active voting member of the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL by posting to this closed band group. 7. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing your unique information about joining the meeting. 8. The LINK TO REGISTER to this month's meeting can be found on official calendar at https://www.hillsboroughlibertarians.org/events Learn more about the Hillsborough Libertarians at www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org Where YOUR $9/month contribution can significantly impact HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE. www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org/donate

Did We Consent to Be Coerced? Dinner & Discussion

Needs a location

TONIGHT'S TOPIC: "Did We Consent To Being Coerced ?" by Tom Palmer You can download a copy of the reading we will be reviewing from when your RSVP for your FREE TICKET at the link below. Small group dinner and discussion group meeting monthly to grow our understanding of Libertarianism, what it does for me, how it helps my community, and why does it matter. When 7-9 pm 2nd Weds of each month Where: Perkins near USF. 5002 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33617 Group Facilitator: Chris K (240)[masked] RSVP and Grab your FREE COPY of the 1-3 page document we will be discussing at the dinner at https://band.us/@libertarian101 Learn more about the Hillsborough County Libertarians at www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org Note: this is an educational discussion group. No selling and no bullying allowed.

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Why Be Libertarian Dinner & Discussion

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

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