How to Be a Domina

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How to be a Domina
For Women Only

Perhaps when you hear the word Domina, you picture a women, dressed in high heels, leather outfit, overtly sexual, whipping people around (I know I did). Not a picture I could relate myself to. When I started to explore the kink/BDSM scene, I discovered there is as many flavours of kink as there is people. And the idea that BDSM is only related to pain? False. To me, I discovered kink can be a way to explore your own boundaries, play with sensation and create an intimate connection.

And this is how the connection to Orgasmic Meditation comes in. A lot of principles of OM can be applied to D/s play. Creating a safe container to play and explore in, tuning into sensation and feeling into your body, communicate your desires and needs, practice surrender in connection.

Have you been curious about Dominance and submission? And would you like to explore this subject in a safe and fun way? This workshop is for women to get introduced to D/s play and living life from desire. Read the description event details below for more information.


In this workshop we will go into how you can dominate a person without pain, through the use of pleasure and conscious submission and surrender. Learn how to play with the D/s dynamics and have your desires lead the way. Let your body tell you what to do and trust your inner guidance. You don’t need any tools to let the other feel you own them.

The workshop will be a mix between theory (also Q&A) and exercises
- How to set up a relationship, encounter or date in a D/s manner
- How to train your sub to be very clear in their boundaries
- How to identify and connect to your desire on an emotional and physical level
- How to lead a D/s play from your desire
- How to dominate your sub by only using your body and your hands
- How to feel really good in the process

10th of December[masked]. Doors open at 18.30

The 3 aspects we will NOT be exploring:
- Sadism/masochism (anything related to pain)
- Degradation
- Nudity

Experience or knowledge is welcome, but NOT needed. This is a class about the basics and how to use Pleasure as our guideline on D/s.

€ 30 one person
€ 50 if you bring a friend and come together
Cash only, change available
To sign up, please register here:

Comfortable clothing, dressing up a bit kinky will be appreciated yet optional.

Workshop location will be provided upon registration.

Roger van Doggenaar has an extensive background in conscious Domination & Submission. His journey started with learning Erotic Hypnosis and Touchless Orgasm training for women in 2011.
In 2015 he discovered Tantra & Energywork, which added deeper physical and energetical layers to the D/s practise of hypnosis. In 2016 he started to experiment with BDSM.
Due to his hypnosis background he was never that interested in using physical tools for submission, because submission is a choice that can be invited through presence, hypnosis and conscious touch (which can be both rough and soft).
In his teachings he focusses mainly on Domination through voice and/or touch.
Marga Berlinski has been teaching and training different modalities since 2008. In 2014 she got in touch with the practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM). In 2015 she certified as an Orgasmic Meditation Life coach and founded TurnOn the Netherlands to make the meditation available in the Netherlands. Holding lectures, events and trainings to educate people about a new conscious way of relating in relationships, sex and intimacy. Apart from OM she explored and played with different things like tantra, bondage, D/s play and ‘Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts’. She found her own unique self-expression as a domina and discovered that leading from your desire is where the real turn on is.

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