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NOVEMBER BOOK MEETING: the Man in 3B by Carl Weber
Daryl Graham has just moved into a Jamaica, Queens, apartment building and his neighbors, both male and female alike, can't stop talking about him. From his extreme attractiveness to his undeniable swag, Daryl is the man every woman wants and every man wants to be. Connie, an unhappy wife, turns to Daryl for help losing weight, hoping to fix her marriage. But when Daryl starts making Connie feel beautiful again, she questions whether her marriage is worth saving. Benny, a spoiled teenager raised by a single father, looks up to Daryl. When an unexpected event occurs, Benny is left questioning everything he's ever known to be true. Krystal, Daryl's first love, wants to make things work with her current boyfriend. Yet having Daryl back in her life sends her happy home spiraling out of control. And Avery, Connie's husband, doesn't care about anything or anyone when a financial opportunity comes his way-that is, until he notices how much time his wife is spending with their new neighbor. Everything seems to be going well, until someone is murdered, and everyone becomes a prime suspect.

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What we're about

Turning Pages is a club for well-rounded professional ladies. The mission of Turning Pages is to build a sisterhood of diverse businesswomen whose presence brings value to the organization. Through our individual contributions we support each other in personal and professional growth. Our group is designed to offer unique opportunities for our members to share their love for reading, socializing, networking, and community outreach.

Turning Pages encompasses a monthly book and review, fine dining, fitness, performing arts, live music, community involvement, and travel.

Our goal is to attract successful, like minded professional women who appreciates a well rounded lifestyle and understands the value of community. We are looking to build lasting professsional and personal relationships over common interests.

Membership includes the following:

• Group Travel

• Monthly Book and Review Meeting

• Business and Business Networking Events

• Community Volunteering, Sponsorship and Support

• Health, Wellness and Sports (Spin (Cycle) Bar, Pilates, Pole-Belly Dancing, Golf, Tennis and More)

• Performing Arts (Houston Jazz and Music Chamber Events, Art Gallery Collections and Museums)

• How to Meetings presented by Certified Professionals (Etiquette Tips, Apply Make-up, Cooking and More)

• Social Gatherings (Dinner, Spa Days, Sunday Worship, Concerts, Comedy Shows, Happy Hour, Brunch and Much More)

Because our goal is to create real friendships and a social outlet membership, is selective and active participation is required. Members must RSVP for the monthly meetings and events on a regular basis. Non- participating Members who do not attend a Meetup within 2 months and 2 no show after RSVP will be removed from the group to give new comers the opportunity to experience the club.

If you share the club's interest and believe you will be a valuable addition, please apply. Your application will be reviewed by the leadership team within 24 hours.

Turning Pages Book Selection and Review Process

1. All members will suggest a book and author for reading and review during each book review meet-up.

2. Selected books will be written down on a card and tossed into a bowl for random selection.

3. If your book is selected you are responsible for hosting the book review the following month.

4. Club members previously selected as host are not eligible for re-selection giving every member the opportunity to select a book and host.

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