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Experience of well being or healthy living is when we experience absolute freedom in expressing ourselves at all levels of our being. When we experience freedom at our physical, emotional, intellectual and social level we are in tune with our free, joyous spirit.

Based on the identities we hold as who we are, our thoughts get created. From the thoughts we feel good, bad, happy, sad etc. If the feeling is positive our actions follow effortlessly. But if our feeling is not positive the actions bring effort, stress and pain. Effortful actions naturally result in more effort, pain and lead to diseases. But actions coming from our free joyous self lead to absolute freedom and fulfillment.

Consciousness elevation with the help of Yoga, Meditation and thought purification processes described in the ancient Yogic Scripture "Yog-Sutra of Sage Patanjali" can be the only way to overcome our problems and attain sustainable happiness at all levels.

The "Joyful Living with Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) Program" ( takes you gently to your own higher states of consciousness bringing more an more serenity and health. Discovered and developed by great Guru Yoga Brahma Rishi Prabhakar ( this program is a perfect fusion of ancient knowledge in modern presentation.

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