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Ultimate Frisbee at Lions park in Golden Valley

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Ultimate frisbee is a game of sportsmanship and great for any level of player. There can be s a lot of running so please be sure to bring water for yourself. We play for 2 hours then we head somewhere for beer and food

We normally have at least 16 people show up, so don't be mislead if there is not many people who have signed up - there always are enough people there.

Bring one White and one Colored shirt so that we can make sure the teams are even.

If you have never played before don't be concerned about joining us. We play for fun and people with all levels of skills can participate.

We can only play if there is a least 8 people signed up, so I will cancel this event again Sunday morning at noon if not enough have signed up. I have scheduled it continually for the season, and then we will adjust as needed.

Since we play on different fields when we are more than 16, we all take a break at 4pm and then make new teams.

Why do we sometimes pay $2 to play? The fields that we play on in St. Louis Park are city fields that requires a permit. We have made special arrangements with the city that allows us to pay pr. participant instead of having to rent the fields (one small field is >$50/hour).

We have previously played in the Oak Hill Park, but that field is very rough and for the small fee of $2 it is just more enjoyable to play on the sports field. The $2 goes directly to the city.

Since we are normally a big enough group, the city knows that we are there, and therefor we can not just show up an play without paying. An additional benefit is that we can take the fields when they are not used by the soccer leagues, so it is possible for us to always have enough space, and we can "kick off" other groups.

Do we play all winter!? Yes we do - at least almost all the time. We don't play when it is colder than 25 degrees, and also we don't play if there is a lot of snow (more than a few inches on the ground). We normally used best judgement with the forecast and try to cancel the game by Friday when needed.

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