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Do you enjoy getting together, making and meeting new friends and overall just having a good time? Do you enjoy the company of getting together with your friends for a round of gaming? The Twin Cities Arcaders is an all-new Meetup group that is a fusion of two great loves of mine. Arcade games (and Pinball, too) and being able to have social gathering intertwined as well. We will also be having other events, not just arcade based ones, such as going out to eat, movies and MORE! We want to be a very unique group in the Meetup Community and allow for all of our members to enioy themselves as apart of our group. Once you come to an Arcader Event, it's like being apart of a 2nd family.

The TC Arcader Promise: We strive ourselves on bringing a positive atmosphere to our group, and make sure that no one is left out. We do our best to make sure that everyone is felt welcomed and appreciated. We hope that you enjoy your time with us.

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Pinball Night at Blainbrook Bowl

Blainbrook Entertainment Center

Hey guys, I've been wanting to make an epic pinball themed event, since we've never done one. Plus, we haven't gone to a different arcade besides Dave and Buster's and Gameworks. So, I wanted to switch things up a little and try a new location for us. We will be checking out the LARGEST PINBALL COLLECTION in the state! I've been to this arcade, and it's really cool. A really nice blend of old school and new school machines, and even a couple of super rare games that we've never seen before. This place has been an iconic place for fans of all ages and has become very popular and legendary to many pinball fans. It's one of those arcades that's a diamond in the rough. This arcade is freaking amazing, and I have been in love playing all of their amazing pinball machines. Almost 20 of them. This is going to be a really fun experience. I'll even be willing to give some hands-on pinball tutorials as well to excel and elevate your pinball game experience. Showing what some of my personal experiences and even a few tips and tricks that I use on pretty much all of the machines. Should be a great time! Make sure to have money on hand for the event as well. Lots of great finds at this arcade, plus bowling, darts, and even some outdoor bags too. Also, if this become a big hit with everyone, I'm planning on doing a few more of these pinball events later on. I have several pinball locations in mind for that.

Weiner Dog Races and Donut Festival at Canterbury Park

Canterbury Park

We're going to Canterbury Park, and not only are we going to see the horses. We're taking it to the dogs as well. Going to see several heats of Weiner Dog Racing that day, plus getting to eat some amazing donuts from local food trucks. This will be a very fun and entertaining time. I'll even be teaching people about how to bet on the horses, and how to be able to get some good wins. It's going to be a lot of fun hanging out with you guys! Also, if you miss this one. No worries! We're going to do the same thing with the Corgi and Cupcake Festival in August! Should be a lot of fun watching the dogs and horses race, as well as having friendly wagers between all of us. Should be a good time. First race will be starting at 12:45pm. Admission for the event is either going to be $9 or $7. Not sure. It's best to bring cash for both betting and admissions.

Corgi Races and Cupcake Festival at Canterbury Park

Canterbury Park

I'm a huge fan of horse racing, and I always wanted to try something a little different for us to do. So, why not Canterbury Park and go see the Corgi Races and Cupcake Festival and watch the little dogs run around. I've been wanting to go to this particular event for many years now, and I'm finally putting it on the Meetup Calendar for us to do. Plus, it'll be a great time for us as a group to get outside, and hang out. Should be a lot of fun for us, and a great time in general to be had by all. More details to come about this one. I'll keep you guys posted.

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