Enneagram Instincts & Subtypes- Online Workshop (4 Wed nights)

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Have you been wondering what the Enneagram Subtypes are? What about the Instincts? Are they the same or different? And how does this apply to me, my life, and my path of growth? Discovering our primary Instinct is just as illuminating and life changing as discovering our Enneagram type!

The Instincts are the three primal drives inherent in all of us that drive our programming. Self preservation, social, and sexual instincts are found in all animals, including humans, and they are the building blocks of our survival and our personality. (Yes, this is related to subtypes!) We’ll take a deep dive into how these drives are showing up in your habits and life decisions, which Instinct is dominant (compulsive) for you, and which one is in your “blindspot” (neglected). Understanding the beauty and power of all three instincts and balancing their energies in your life will lead to greater self knowledge, self respect, Presence and grounding, minimization of conflicts with others, effectiveness and capacity to become the person you have always wanted to be.

This workshop is for beginners and experienced Enneagram practitioners alike. You need not know your Enneagram type to attend. Understanding the Instincts lays a foundation for understanding the Enneagram typing system and helps avoid mistyping.

Join me for this 4 week online course, where you will:
-discover a deeper subconscious layer of your motivations, psyche and behavioral patterns
-understand how your primary instinctual drive clashes with others and creates conflict
-learn new practices to balance out your instinctual energies
-interrupt your patterns of destructive behavior through awareness, presence, and inner work
-bring compassion to your "blindspot," the area of life where you carry the most shame and insecurity
-connect with the support of a community that is doing healing work through the Enneagram

This online workshop will take place over the course of 4 Wednesdays.
Wednesday Evenings 7-8:45pm, May 13, 20, 27, & June 3.

We will meet online via Zoom, and class size is limited to 20 people. Please show up to all 4 sessions. If you need to miss one that is fine. It will be recorded and you will have access to the recording.

Cost is $95. (If your income has been affected by COVID-19 and you cannot afford this price, please message me privately).

Chelsea Forbrook will teach and facilitate this workshop. Chelsea is a certified Spiritual Director and Enneagram Educator in Minneapolis, MN. Having finished her Spiritual Direction training from Christos Center for Spiritual Formation in 2016, and an Enneagram certification from "Full Circle Enneagram" in 2017, Chelsea enjoys supporting others on their spiritual journeys through one-on-one spiritual direction, leading workshops on creative and contemplative spiritual practices, and teaching the various ways the Enneagram can be used as a tool for transformation and integration. For more info on Chelsea and her services, visit www.chelseaforbrook.com