Intro to the Enneagram (2 Thursday Nights)

Twin Cities Enneagram Meetup
Twin Cities Enneagram Meetup
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In this two-part online workshop Chelsea will introduce the Enneagram, which is a map that helps us understand the motivation behind our thinking, feeling and behavior. You will learn about the nine different Enneagram personality types and begin to determine your own type.

In this workshop, you will :
-gain deeper self awareness
-discover new layers within your consciousness
-find hope and tools that can change your patterns and habits
-experience how this knowledge helps increase the compassion you can have for yourself and those you love
-identify areas in your life where you are out of balance, and find guidance in how to re-balance
-learn about the 9 basic personality types and how they differ from your motivations and "lens of the world"

This workshop will take place in two parts to reduce the amount of screen time we are all experiencing, and to give you more time to integrate this knowledge. Both sessions will take place online via Zoom.

Session #1: May 14th, 7:00-8:45pm - Overview of the Enneagram, 9 types, a "break out of your box" exercise, Q &A
Session #2: May 21st, 7:00-8:45pm - Panel discussions to learn from others in the group about what it's like to be each type, Q & A

***If you participate in this workshop, you will be eligible for a 1:1 typing session or coaching session with Chelsea at half price!***

What is the Enneagram??
The Enneagram is a psychological- spiritual personality typing tool which serves as a map for transformation and growth. Unlike other personality typing systems, the wisdom of the Enneagram does not put you in a box with a label and leave you there. Instead, it shows you the particular box you've been trapped in (aka. your personality) so that you can get out and discover the freedom of your True Self. The Enneagram is dynamic, and points to each type's unique skills and virtues as well as each type's shadow side and habits that continuously get them into trouble. It is a fast-track to self awareness, self compassion, and transformation. I have found no other tool that can so elegantly help people see their patterns and get "un-stuck." Not only is it a tool for greater mental, spiritual, and emotional health, it also leads to greater compassion for others and shines a light on the root of difficulties in our relationships.

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