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This is a group for fiber and textile artists who are seeking a local "mastermind group" type of community to share, collaborate, and learn. Anyone interested in fiber arts including sewing, embroidery, knit/crochet, macrame, textile design and more is welcome to join! Events will likely be maker socials but depending on where this goes we could plan for classes, museum outings, or show-and-tell workshops. This group would be perfect for those looking for creative accountability partners or just artsy fiber friends!

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Back in the day before the Internet and mass media, people gathered to discuss literature, philosophy and politics at salons (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salon_(gathering)). This physical and social exchange of information birthed movements, art, and ideologies that are still presently relevant in our ultra-connected world. But as the Internet and social media continues to evolve, artists and makers are more often sharing what they do online, not in person. It has been shown, however, that creatives, artists and makers thrive in physical communities, and that "The Lone Genius Myth" (https://austinkleon.com/2017/05/12/scenius/) is truly a myth!

My hope is that this group can function as a true Fiber Arts Salon, where we share not only our finished products but also the process, progress, and even failures of our craftsmanship in the fiber and textile world.

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Makers Social

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