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The American New Wave--the "auteurs" of the 1970s like Friedkin, Coppola, Scorsese, Lumet, Pakula, Cimino, Schlesinger, Allen, Altman, Cassavetes, Peckinpah, Kubrick (not to mention Greenaway, Godard, Pasolini, Leone), that made it the greatest decade in the history of cinema--started just about exactly 50 years ago. Midnight Cowboy came out in 1969. Many consider the first "independent" Hollywood movie to be Bonnie & Clyde, which was released two years earlier, in 1967. In the year 1967, Bonnie & Clyde, Cool Hand Luke, The Graduate, In the Heat of the Night, Wait Until Dark, In Cold Blood, Belle de Jour, Le Samouraï, The Dirty Dozen, Barefoot in the Park, To Sir, With Love, Night of the Generals, all came out in ONE YEAR. Imagine that, going to the movies every week and seeing something new and good. It really was true once upon a time! And now, it's true again!

In this group we will follow the development of the American New Wave, week by week, from its advent in 1967 until Michael Cimino killed it with Heaven's Gate in 1980.

We will screen a different movie every week. Membership dues are $19 per year. This will cover any equipment we need, and any movie rental fees, as well as any venue costs and maybe snacks.

Because this group is new, we're going to give it a few weeks for people to sign up. We'll start screenings Sunday, December 22, then every week thereafter, starting with 1967:

December 22: Bonnie & Clyde

December 29: Cool Hand Luke

2020: January 5: The Graduate

January 12: In the Heat of the Night

January 19: Wait Until Dark

January 26: In Cold Blood

February 2: Belle de Jour

In February we'll move on to 1968.

Please join us!

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Screening: Citizen Kane + SPECIAL GUEST

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Screening: Drop Dead Gorgeous + SPECIAL GUEST

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Film Screening: The Third Man

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