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We are a group of ladies, 50+, looking for a core group of local, positive, upbeat, active women with a variety of interests. We enjoy going to the movies, hiking, sightseeing, dining out, concerts, morning walks, coffee breaks, plays and just hanging out and having fun. We want to invite women, with similar interests, who want new friends to enjoy activities with. We are keeping the group to a maximum of 50 women so that we can get to know each other and become friends. Although we all love our children, our meetups are for women 50 and over. This site is strictly for platonic relationships. It is not a group for women to meet women for love interests. All members must have a recent profile photo of their face, no exceptions. This is for safety purposes and so that we can recognize you as an attendee at an event. To be successful this group is dependent on frequent ideas and participation. Remember, the only way to really make new friends from this group is to come to the events. If you have an event you would like to post, please contact the leadership and we can get it posted. You will be required to host the event that you put on the calendar.

We do have a few guidelines for the well being of the entire group. We want this to be a fun, healthy, safe and satisfying experience for everyone, hence there have to be a few rules. If you RSVP for an event, we do expect you to be there and at the designated meeting place. Not showing up can leave another lady standing on a street corner or sitting in a movie or restaurant alone. If you fail to show up three times after RSVPing "yes" we will remove you from the group. RSVP also refers to saying you will not be attending an event. It helps us plan for seating at a restaurant or in a car if we absolutely positively know that you are not going to attend. Last minute cancellations are frowned upon. It leaves the host thinking she has plans for the next day only to find people cancel at the last minute and leave her with nothing to do. You probably won't understand the frustration of this happening until it happens to you. Three last minute (24 hours prior) cancellations and you will be removed from the group. Please remember a "yes" RSVP is a commitment to your fellow meetup members. If a meetup involves, tickets, hotels, public transportation or any pre-travel payments and or reservations, those payments are not refundable. The other members of the group or the organizer will not be held financially responsible for your inability to attend a meetup that has been previously paid for or reserved. It will not be the responsibility of the organizer to contact any travel companies to obtain a refund for any travel/hotel tickets that you are unable to use. All travel meetups will be paid for at the time of booking, i.e. the tickets, event, travel arrangements, hotels, airline or train tickets, etc., and are not refundable. In some instances, there are parking, gasoline, entrance fees, resort fees, etc., that we may not be aware of until we arrive at our destination. Everyone participating in that meetup will be expected to contribute equal parts of any miscellaneous fees. Please be prepared by having small bills (cash) on hand. Don't expect your fellow travelers to cover your portion.

We are strictly a women's group. If your hubby doesn't want you to attend without him, then this probably isn't the group for you. For those of you who are nervous about attending your first meetup, please know that we all had our first event at one point. We all met here for the most part. There are no long term friends that have known each other for years and years, so please don't let nerves stop you.

Dues are charged to pay for the MeetUp page. There are fees to keep our page up and running. A $2 monthly fee per person that is due when you attend your second MeetUp or by the second month of membership, whichever comes first. Dues will be collected semi-annually, Jan 1 and July 1 ($12) as that is when I have to pay Meetup. Members who join in the months in between will pay pro-rated dues. Dues are not refundable if you leave the group at you own choosing or if you are removed by the organizer due to disagreements or difficulties with other members. So far that hasn't happened but you never know. You will be expected to contribute to the gas if we drive to an out of town event.

We do ride share to events and outings. If you are a driver please do not consume alcohol or any type of controlled substance. As a passenger, the choice to ride with another person is up to you. If you prefer to drive yourself to events that is fine and I do understand your decision. If you choose to ride with another member, they are not liable for any injuries that may occur to you while you are being transported. If items are left if the driver's car and the car is broken into or stolen, the vehicle owner will not be responsible for your items.

Twin Cities Ladies Just Wanna Have Fun is not responsible for any injuries that may occur to you while you are participating in our events. Your physical limitations and your choice to participate in events are at your discretion.

Although we are not a group of huge drinkers, we do attend events where alcohol is served and we expect everyone will enjoy a drink or two. Consumption of alcohol in excess will not be tolerated and constitutes a reason for immediate removal from the group. If you are driving other meetup members, you will be considered to be a designated driver and, therefore, alcohol free. Drinking and driving is illegal and not tolerated.

Occasionally, guests are welcome to some events, if they are female and over 50. If guests are welcome, it will be mentioned in the event. A guest may only attend two events per year or they need to become a meetup member and pay dues.

We do not want to feel obligated to buy your Mary Kay or Tupperware, or hire you to clean our homes, so solicitation is strictly prohibited and you will be removed without a second warning. We are of different religions and have different political views, so please don't try to convince us to join your church or attend your protest. We are simply a group of "ladies who just wanna have fun".

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