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Calling all Pigs and Chickens! Calling all people passionate about Product Development. Are you passionate about your Customer, Story Mapping, Scrum (Agile not Rugby - although Rugby knowledge is a plus!)? Do you know the Chicken and Pig Story (or want to know what it means)? Then this group is for you. We are committed to inspiring and fostering product thinking through open discussion and collaborative learning. (Check out our manifesto (https://medium.com/@AnnaBliss/twin-cities-product-community-a-manifesto-of-sorts-170fcbca95a6#.l7781k3yk).)

We meet on the first Friday of the month to discuss anything and everything Product Development related - stay tuned for the venue and topic of the month. We would love to see you there.

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DevJam Studio 2

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DevJam Studio 2

Jobs To Be Done: It’s Not About “To Do” Lists

DevJam Studio 2

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