The Right Stuff: How Do You Know You Are Building It?

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Door is on the side of the building - head upstairs. Parking is available in the lot off of Bryant Ave.

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Well, with a bit of Group Therapy in July, we seem to have solved our identity crisis. Phew. We know who we are. Or at least that our product is a Product and not a Program or a Project. It might be a Service as well as a Product - we will not judge. We are an inclusive bunch after all. All of these identities are valid and useful.

Now that we know who we are, how do we know that we are living in the right place? If we have aspirations of living in a great big mansion, are we building the right foundation to get there? (Are we pointing our product in the right direction?) If we are working in a greenfield, have we found the right spot with enough space to grow in a way that makes sense for the geography? (What's your market fit? Are you trying to shoehorn your mansion into a tiny city lot? Or are you so far out in the country that you need to build some roads as well?) If you already have a lovely house that suits your needs now, how do you figure out where the next home improvements should happen? (Will repainting freshen things up or do you need to completely tear out the bathroom?)

Whether your product is scratching an entirely new-to-the-market itch or is a tried and true app that maybe just needs a little TLC, join us in August to talk about market fit, product evolution, and picking direction.