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Twin Cities Rock Climbing Meetup is a group that plans regular and spontaneous gym sessions, organizes outdoor climbing and camping adventures, and attends other climbing related events like adventure film festivals, competitions, and Adopt-a-Crag cleanups. Our members are climbers of all experience levels. Whether you are new to the sport and looking to learn, experienced and in need of new partners, or new to town and trying to find the climbing community, TCRC Meetup can be your gateway to Minnesota climbing.

TCRC is on Facebook with a group page that climbers use to connect on the fly. You can sign up through Meetup to have new events emailed to you or check the TCRC calendar on your own. Also, you can subscribe to a weekly email newsletter dedicated to the broader news and events of the Minnesota Climbing community.

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**GYM CLOSED UNTIL AT LEAST MAY** Wednesday night in Bloomington - all levels

All levels welcome :) Let's meet at the leather chairs next to the bathrooms. We usually go around for a brief introduction at 7 pm. Tell everyone your name, if you are first time or need any help, and whether you prefer toprope (which is what most people do), lead, or bouldering. Then we head for climbs around 7:05. Many of us arrive a little before 7 to warm up on the auto-belays before getting together at 7. Getting there a little early is also highly recommended if you have never climbed with the group before, as it would be difficult to find us after 7:05. We usually don't climb with our phone on us, as it is a safety hazard if it falls off from up high. IF YOU ARE NEW TO VERTICAL ENDEAVORS...If you can fill out the waiver online, ahead of time, it will save you a bit of time when you get there. http://verticalendeavors.com/bloomington/waivers/. The meetup is free but you will need to pay to enter the gym. Please check the Vertical Endeavors' website for entrance costs and gear rental (if you don't have the gear) https://www.verticalendeavors.com/

CANCELLED - Open Climb Thursdays - VEM

Minneapolis VE

Meet your Event Host Pat and others by the leather chairs in front of the vending machines between 7-7:15 pm. If you are new to climbing, go here (http://www.meetup.com/Twin-Cities-Rock-Climbing-Meetup-Group/pages/Getting_Started/) for some helpful information. VE MEMBER BONUS For all new / never been to VE climbers. If you can find a VE member, VE has a first timers deal. Free, yes free entry and harness if entering with a member. I suggest renting shoes for $5 which help you climb better. It is normally about $18 for entry to VE and $12 to rent shoes and a harness. If you are new to the Meetup group or to this night, take a look at some of the people that RSVP'd yes. Look at event host Pat's picture or even email them through their profile and try to make a plan on how to recognize each other. The Event Host will introduce you to some of the other Meetup climbers and you can work your way into a belay group. Climb on!


Vertical Endeavors–Twin Cities Bouldering

Bouldering at Vertical Endeavors Twin Cities Bouldering. All levels welcome. We'll meet by the benches near the restrooms. There is an orientation if you've never been to this facility, so if it's your first time here plan on arriving a few minutes early.


Vertical Endeavors Indoor Rock Climbing Facility

We welcome ALL levels and ages! IF YOU ARE NEW TO VERTICAL ENDEAVORS... If you can fill out the waiver online, ahead of time, it will save you a bit of time when you get there. http://verticalendeavors.com/minneapolis/waivers/ NEW TO THE MEETUP GROUP? After climbing, we'll do an informal ask-around if anyone's interested in going out for lunch, as there are great restaurants within walking distance. No need to RSVP for lunch, just join us if you'd like. IF YOU ARRIVE LATE... We typically start our warmups in the room with large windows on the second floor, especially in the winter, as that room is warmer. Find us there!

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