Canceled Meetup

Sunday Morning Elm Creek ride



Mother Nature wins again!!!

However we can still be social. Let's meet for brunch at Maple Tavern 12:00 noon I'll post a new event for that...

For all of you veteans of this meetup. This is the same ride as Jim hosted last year.

I plan on making this every other week ride.

We'll start at 10:00, and keep things nice and casual. This route is a little hilly, and speeds can vary widely, from 20-25 MPH (or faster!) downhill, to 5-6 MPH uphill. Average, or "flat", speeds will be around 14-16 MPH.

We will start to do a warm up ride (14 mile loop around the park) at 9:00 AM when the weather warms up, not this wek. That ride will be a faster pace. However, if anyone wants to get in some extra miles, please feel free to ride on your own. All I ask is that you let me know you are there/doing this, so we know to wait for you at 10:00.

With regards to weather, we will not do a group ride in the rain. If it is raining, please consider the ride(s) to be canceled.

Lastly, all are welcome, as this will truly be a "no drop" ride. Those that would prefer to ride ahead at a faster pace, please feel free. We won't hold it against you - we'll just get to the the Maple Tavern a little bit later!

New members: Please look for me/my Jeep (Red) at the NW corner of the chalet parking lot.

And "just in case", my cell number is 763-807-6070.

As always, please bring your safety gear (aka: helmet), appropriate clothing, and a positive attitude!

See you at the park!

We will head over to Maple Tavern after the ride.