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3rd Annual 2nd Saturday in September Century Classic

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Please note new start time!!!


One important item:

Please note this will be be a fully support ride! That's right, we will have a SAG vehicle! Please feel free to bring extra clothes, food, water, snacks....whatever you feel you may need to go the distance!

Also, since I am planning on stopping in New Germany for lunch (see updated route description, below), please bring a lunch of some sort. We will have a cooler or three in the SAG vehicle for your perishables, but if you have a small cooler of your own, bring it along!


8/27/14 Update:

I've been doing some driving, and riding, and I've decided to make some changes to the route for this year. The new route is 105 miles in length, and the main differences are:

* Deletion of the Baker Park loop,

* Turning west outside of Watertown to go to New Germany, not Mayer, for lunch,

* Deleting the Luce Line altogether,

* Taking McGinty Road out of Wayzata, to Mtka. Blvd.

* Jumping on the Cedar Lake Trail in St. Louis Park, and taking that to Theodore Wirth Pkwy.

I never really cared for the Wayzata-Luce Line part of the route we have traditionally ridden, and since I got a flat tire (with my Gatorskins, no less!) a few days ago on the crushed limestone portion, I decide to "chuck it" and try something new.

Also, since Uncle Ron's is closed, I bumped the western-most portion out to New Germany, as there is a wonderful picnic pavillion we can use for lunch @ mile 45!

Please see revised map:

I hope y'all like the changes!


8/18/14 Update:

I'm looking for some advice on a couple small changes to the route. As I just told Zeeshan in an email:

"I need to make a couple small changes to the route. First, I want to “bump-out” the western-most part so that we get to New Germany. Why? Since Uncle Ron’s is closed, there’s no sense stopping in Mayer, and there’s a really nice picnic pavilion in New Germany we can use for lunch/rest stop.

Secondly, the Wayzata/Luce Line/Plymouth section needs some work, as I hate riding on Superior Blvd and County Road 101 in Wayzata. There has to be a better way to get from the end of the Dakota Trail to the Golden Valley/Theodore Wirth area. I’ve been thinking of taking McGinty Road out of Wayzata, but that still leaves me with the problem of getting up to Theodore Wirth….

If anyone has some ideas, please email me. I’m all ears!



You've got all winter, as well as next season, to train for this.

And a complete year to clear your schedule.

I've been told that this needs to be an annual event, and thus....

I am pleased to announce the 3rd Annual "Second Saturday in September Century Classic", which will be based out of Elm Creek Park, and will cover parts of the NW and western suburbs, as well as parts of the Metro area. The entire route may be seen here:

(map deleted due to changes. See above)

Yes, this is the same route we've done in the past, but in the next few months I will be making a couple minor adjustments to it.....

Please be sure to put this on your calendar, and "watch this space" for updates sometime soon!