Awesomeness to Come

Mid 20s-30s (or so) Twin Cities Social
Mid 20s-30s (or so) Twin Cities Social
Public group

Needs a location


This is an event used to plan our BIG AWESOMENESS event! Here's a link to the last one:

Here's a video:

While all 354 RSVPs didn't show up, we did have quite a number, and momentum will just continue to grow!

We were in a beautiful space.
We had 2 hours of socializing drinks and provided catered hors d'ouvres.
We had exceptional speakers.
We had 2 sets of the Bearded Men Improv!
We had professional dancers!
We ended the night with a DJed dance party!

All this was just $15!

How this event works:
We're going to throw ANOTHER awesome event.

Join this event if you want to be on-board! We'll keep making it the last Sunday of a month until the actual event is scheduled (in non-meetup world, like once we book the venue and the entertainment), then this meetup will be for that event,

Chances are it'll cost $15 to $20 and will be on a Thursday night.

Below the break is simply a listing for events in this group in general.

But first, some pics from the last Awesomeness event!


In general with this group, you know the story - we have awesome events. Here are a few examples:

If you see this event on a desktop, you'll see many pictures from our prior events.

I used to make them for two meetup groups. I just found two groups with about 600 members and no events, and I asked the organizers if I could make events. They said "sure". Within a year, I grew to over 5,000 members. I tried to talk to the organizers to try to get access to some other options (organizer tools) so I could really make my events way more fun for the attendees.
I didn't get a response, so I decided to make my own group.

I believe in creating a positive experience for all people. I believe shared experience is essential to growing friendships.

This event, "Awesomeness to Come," has been made to showcase prior events I've created and hosted. This is also a way for me to collaborate with group members. If you look on a computer, you'll see pictures below. My events are usually more than just a happy hour. Some are pretty simple, but most are well thought-out. I don't typically "piggy-back" other events, but sometimes I might, mostly to do the events with a big group of friendly people or to make others aware of the awesome opportunity.

The awesome events are planned by me, usually using Google Maps and some creativity.

There's also been a number of Happy Hours, some getting as big as 120 participants (Chino handled it well). The groups are always appropriately sized, and I know how many people will join an event when I plan it. I try to hop around venues, so we typically don't repeat restaurants. Well, usually. People may notice my favorite things to do (Kieran's, HUGE Theater, etc.), but it's always fun! I make my events with my members in mind. Your experience is my number one consideration.

Here are some pictures from my other events, which I made mostly during 2014 (you'll notice a lot of variety):

Macbeth in the Park

Several of many 'Active Desserts' - meet in a park, walk to ice cream:

Dance classes

Tour of a historic mansion (James J. Hill House):

Live Music:

Bike & Brew (Pub Crawl on Wheels!):

Happy Hour


Valley Fair:

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