WEEKLY GameNight! at Surly Brewery "Pizza Upstairs" area (with a special deal!)

This is a past event

Surly Brewing Co.

520 Malcolm Ave SE · Minneapolis, MN

How to find us

Allen gets there around 4pm, I will get there after work (about 6pm) Other people are invited to be there at 4pm. Look for the fancy cardboard games and fun Meetup folks. Contact: 612-414-1249 (Chris Hoppe), if you need further help or information.

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Here is your weekly opportunity to enjoy 3 of the best things in life....
Beer, Pizza, and Boardgames!

You can order any of the many good Surly brews,
(especially the special ones from downstairs),
play their FREE boardgames with us upstairs,
bring your own favorites if you would like,
and even order one of their specialty pizzas.
And do this every week on Wednesday,
....if you want to!

The Surly brewery has been offering a special Wednesday night deal on a pitcher of Surly beer, a pizza, and choice of either appetizer or salad,
for only $40. ....SWEET!
It's in their "Pizza Upstairs" area.
The pizza is good, the beer is good, the whole deal is good! And they encourage you to play some boardgames while you're there. They have some, I have more, and some folks have been bringing their own games for awhile now....
so let's join them!

GameNight! is my brand for Meetup events that feature modern stuff to play. NO Monopoly allowed!
Anything else like easy introductory games you could find at Target, up to hard-core brain-burner games from Kickstarter or BoardGameGeek.... if you want to play them, we can play them also. Drop in, buy some food and beers, have some fun for hours. Surly closes at 11pm, so if you get there at 4pm, it only costs $5.71/hr. at one of the best breweries around town.

How can you go wrong?
It might be the best pizza, beer, and company anywhere in town. Come in and join us at Surly Brewing Co. we will have board games for all types of board game enthusiasts, beer lovers, pizza eaters, and fun folks of any kind. You don't even need to play games! Just hang out with us if you'd like to just do that. We're friendly Meetup people who look forward to seeing you this Wednesday, or next Wednesday, or the Wednesday after that, or after that, or.... you get the idea!

I organized this for 11 different Meetup groups.
If you only see my RSVP, don't worry - there will be a lot of people from Meetup to congregate with and have fun together. All are welcome, it's an inclusive event for everybody. Just drop in, go upstairs (they even have an elevator!), ....Meetup with others and have a good time!

See you at Surly!
your Hosts/Organizers, Chris Hoppe and Allen

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