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The Twin Cities Poetry Workshop was created with one mission in mind: To provide a safe and communal environment for the inspiration and serious workshopping of poetry.


Since our founding in 2012, we have been home to an impressive variety of talent, voice, and style. Our hosts are experienced and personable, bringing skills from both creative and highly disciplined backgrounds. Our members notice significant progress toward their writing goals and carry pride in the help they can offer each other.


1) Everyone is invited to bring a poem to workshop, and 4-5 copies for others to review. Those who do not bring a poem should feel free to come and join in the discussion of others’ work.

2) To give everyone the time and attention their work deserves, we split into small groups upon arrival. We attempt to have a cohost at each table to answer questions that come up and encourage useful discussion, but it is certainly an open atmosphere.

3) During the workshop, each poem will typically be read twice—once by the author to showcase the intent, and once by another member to see how it’s landing on the page. Then the table will open for critique. In our experience, this has been a very successful model.

4) Critique involves constructive criticism, as well as the ability to have a thick skin when your own work is being discussed. Remember, it's about the writing, not the person.

5) The workshop does not ascribe to any specific school, genre, or style of poetry. Our goal is to discover what you want to accomplish in the poem and help you get there!


Workshop events take place in two locations—St. Paul and Minneapolis. The days and locations may shift with the seasons to accommodate host schedules and venue hours, so keep an eye on the Meetup Calendar as you plan. With members joining each month, and regulars in rotation, there is almost always an option to work alongside someone known or someone new.


While the Meetup does have operating fees, we try our hardest to keep it free for our members. To do so, we rely on small contributions from those who can afford to help. If you would like to contribute, talk to the host at your event, or Chip In here:



Our team cares about poetry as well as the people we explore it with. Attendees are known to stick around after the workshop to discuss random topics or grab a drink. We also encourage those who are interested and able to attend somewhat regularly to become part of the cohost team and help us make it a great space for newcomers. The workshop is also connected to other writing and performance groups across the metro area. If you are curious about events or opportunities, just ask.

Thank you for being a member—see you there!

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