What we're about

We love photography! In this group, photography is our medium, and we'll explore the therapeutic benefit of creative expression.

Creativity is Essential to Emotional Health!

Some meetings you'll bring your photos to share and discuss. Some meetings we'll have photo shoots (outings) to capture what we discuss.

Our group is led by a licensed psychotherapist, and this is NOT "group therapy." Still, you'll find a therapeutic outcome by sharing, hearing, showing, seeing, creating, discussing, and exploring your, and each other's, images. These images will be created by you, others in the group, and outside contributors.

It's all about creativity, growth, and fun! Your photos will be projected, so save them at a resolution of 1200x1200 maximum (quality at 80%) and email them to kevin@BERGENphotography.com prior to the meetings (or bring them on a flash drive as a last resort).

This group is for anyone with a camera--any camera, even (especially?) a cell phone camera!

Check out the organizer's FB photo page: https://www.facebook.com/BERGENphoto (https://www.facebook.com/bergenphoto)

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