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Hey folks,

The plan of the meet up is to integrate movement, mindfulness, cold water exposure and most importantly, PLAY on the beach!

We will meet up on King Edwards Bay for an outdoor based fitness sessions covering a mash up of:
Animal Flow/Yoga
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) & Sprint Interval Training
Movement Variability Training-Exploring various spaces!
Handstands/Parkour/Circus Movement Patterns
Upper/Lower body exercises conditioning
Zen archery
Ido Portal & Movement Culture inspired exercises
Breathing- Inspired by the Wim Hof Method
PLAY- games and activities involving another person with a social element.
Cold Water Exposure- A cheeky dip in the North Sea.

I have seen a shift in exercise over the years with a move towards more social involvement. however, this has not been taken outdoors to nature. WE ARE SOCIAL CREATURES! WE are more connected than ever before with technology, yet more disconnected from each other and our own body.
It is time to change!
Exercise should be fun and explorative, like when we were children.
I will not stand on the beach and shout- aka bootcamp style.

The cold water scare some people off....but think of it as building resilience to daily/weekly adversities. Start with 10secs at the end of a shower! if you can build up a resilience to this and actively seek out the Cold- it will build you up to expose yourself to other uncomfortable emotions,situations, people or movements.

Ultimately, it is about a fun and friendly bunch meeting up- doing some exercise and socially interacting on a beach. Similar to when you see children playing on the beach...I am the one whom is always jealous as they do not have a care in the world!

This meet up is to rediscover that feeling- If you are keen, get in contact with me through here or Instagram/Facebook- 3D Physio.

health and happiness to all,

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3D Movement & Play

King Edwards Bay

Mash up of previous weeks.... Fitting in some anatomy in motion drills! Moving away from exercise in isolation, going to look at integrating it all into how we move.... Followed by some entertaining improvisational Movement. Unscripted: laughing will be involved. All going well: handstands! Not to worry.....if that is not your goal, lots of alternatives in place! Looking forward to it! Please prepare yourself with a: Bring a towel. Swim gear Change for a coffee Smile 😃!

Move More- Move Well-Move with speed.

King Edwards Bay

More child like playful movements Working on some mobility drills....performed at speed and with your own interpretative approach to it. Think care free movement with an exploratory angle. Zen archery- Is the premise behind it. There will be some sprinting involved & a kettlebell. Health and Happiness. Darren

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Evolution of Movement!

King Edwards Bay

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