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This is a SELF-help and support group for all Type 1s who feel they have a right to normal blood sugars.

The plan is to get together regularly for coffee, tea, steak, or other low-carb stuff that doesn't make us feel awful, chat about what's going on in our lives illness wise, what others have done to get through it, how to work within the medical system to get better care, how to bypass the system to get better care, and just generally about life as a T1D.

Meetup events will be announced shortly, once members sign up and we have a sense of likely attendee numbers (and what venues will suit those numbers).

The group is for Type 1's let down by their doctors' treatment advice (if any!), and want to improve their condition by following a ketogenic diet. It's for Type 1's who are working hard to avoid the fatigue, the pain, the near-death experiences, the comas, the blindness and limb loss, the other complications that REGULARLY occur on the NHS's watch, and the luddite-like denial of technology that could help. It's for sufferers who demand BETTER.

It's for type 1's who accept that they have a disability, who realise that they CAN'T live a normal life, despite what their doctors parrot out. It's for Type 1's who want to come together, and work together, to understand and treat their disease, to the point of achieving NORMAL blood sugars.

This group is for diabetics who want to make it to the day of a cure IN ONE PIECE.

All Type 1s taking insulin are welcome. Come if you want to learn more about this disease, and how to REALLY treat it. Come if you know what you're doing, and want to share. Come if you're lost, and need support. If you're struggling with lows and highs, come with your BG readings, your food diaries, etc. But come with your A-game, and a desire to get well.

Quoting an article from diabetes.co.uk:

"Dr Ian Lake is a GP based in Stroud, Gloucestershire and is a founding member of the Public Health Collaboration. He has had type 1 diabetes for 22 years, spending most of that time with poor control. However, within a few weeks of starting a low carb, ketogenic diet, Dr Lake felt that his life had been completely transformed. He now advocates the use of low carb diets for the management of type 1 diabetes. This talk was given at the PHC conference 2017 in Manchester.

"Dr Lake notes that although he has the luxury of choosing whether or not to adopt a ketogenic lifestyle, there are plenty of type 1 diabetics for which it is necessary. He feels that currently, the NHS is not doing enough to support newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics, as they do not offer ketogenic diets as an option. Sadly, this means that diabetics wishing to try a low carb approach have to do so without the full support of their healthcare professional."

NOTE: this is a group BY patients, FOR patients. Legally, we cannot give you medical advice. We CAN tell you what WE'RE doing, though, how it's working for us, and what we would try in your situation. The rest is up to YOU. Take charge. Own it. Be WELL.

This is a private group, so you don't worry about people seeing that you're a member, if you're not open about your condition.

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