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You have a job with flexible hours and are the envy of your friends.

It has been a long time since you experienced Monday blues.

You beat the lunch crowd, rush hour crowd, the everything crowd and have learnt the best time of the day to run every single one of your errands.

You have trouble getting up in the morning because you were on a productivity roll at midnight and spent the wee hours of the morning getting shit done.

You get up at noon and then spend the next few hours in self-loathing for getting up at NOON - the horror! You are turning into the exact bum your parents warned you you would turn into.

You find yourself making social appointments just to have some place to be at some time, but socialising is actually the last thing on your mind because you have a ton of work to finish.

You sign up to Type-A breakfasts but never make it to them. You are actually still productive - just not at that time of the day, which somehow makes it harder to convince yourself you are productive at all.

If this is you, fret not, you are doing absolutely fine. You are just a Type-B individual.
And this is the feel-good meetup for you.

Join us to know that you are not alone. We aim to recruit an endless supply of accountability buddies and and eventually inspire a positive movement to leave the house and get shit done for a full day at a cafe or coworking space - starting in the afternoon, of course. ;)

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