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Tyr's Good Hand is a Kindred located in upstate New York. Meetup.com is the tool we use to coordinate Kindred gatherings, so this is not your everyday social group on this site. TGH is for locals and those who have the ability to make regular attendance a priority. We're a family, not a party. Please only ask to join if you're genuinely interested in becoming part of our Tribe and feel you have the worth to be here.

This is a serious gathering for folks drawn to Germanic Reconstructionist Paganism and finding their way through study, practice, and heart. This is not a Wiccan Potluck, Tarot Club, Dating Group or Social Networking, but a monthly gathering of Folk who devour books, stories, lore and share the Edda, Sagas, Havamal and personal studies before blot. We honor our ancestors and raise the horn. We work outdoors often, creating god poles and a sacred space on a small farm. We work with horse, bow, anvil, and brew. We study hard, work hard, and drink hard.

TGH is open to people of all races, political leanings, genders, sexualities, and combinations there of! It is a private group and new members are asked questions about their seriousness of interest. We are searching for other solid, upstanding, Heathen citizens looking for community and conversation. If you join you will be interviewed and then either removed from the group or welcomed into our ve. For more info visit: http://www.tyrsgoodhand.com

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