What we're about

Hello Neighbors. This group is for Democrats, Republicans and Independents living in or around Irvine, California who would like to discuss and strategize regarding how to work through our nations two political parties (both Democrat and Republican) in order to more effectively accomplish our Nations real top priorities, its most critical issues.

You can see our Nations actual highest priorities by reviewing our federal and state governments annual budgets. How the money is actually being spent, and the sources of those monies, tells you a great deal about our Nations real priorities.

In many ways, the campaigning process (by both Democrats and Republicans) has been reduced to popular sound-bites with some of the hard issues never being discussed.

After election, our elected officials remain focused on the most popular sound-bites in order to gain re-election. This process continues and the real critical issues are never discussed and never resolved.

This group will help you to identify our Nations real top priorities, its most critical issues, plus ways we can work together to hold our elected officials (both Democrat and Republican) accountable for fixing the problems.

This group values respectful, collaborative and fact-based conversation. We will flexibly employ Rogers Rules of Order, when needed, in order that everyone will have an opportunity to have their voice heard.

There is a meaningful difference between the priorities of the American people as shown below, and the priorities of our U.S. Government as shown in its annual budget.

Below are the priorities of the American people as reported by the PEW Research Center:

Economy 70%

Healthcare costs 69%

Education 68%

Terrorism 67%

Social Security 67%

Medicare 67%

Poor and needy 60%

Environment 56%

Immigration 51%

Jobs 50%

Reducing crime 50%

Drug addiction 49%

Budget deficit 48%

Race relations 46%

Military 45%

Transportation 45%

Climate change 44%

Global trade 39%

Everyone is welcome. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts about how we can more effectively accomplish our Nations priorities working collaboratively through both our Democratic and Republican Parties.

Terry Roussel, Organizer

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