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[ We are all about Comic Books, Super Hero Movies, Anime, American Pop-Culture, Art, and Music ]

Greetings from your friendly Woodbridge neighborhood comic enthusiast - Jay Torres!

Are you and avid comic book collector? Do you find yourself up at 3 am looking to get that last comic book auction win? Do you follow super hero movies like astronomers follow Hailey's comet? Are you into 70s - 90s American Pop-culture. I'm looking for a few good, Well - I mean a gob, of super-interesting people to socialize with. Feel free to come in Super clothing, (light-sabers will be left at the door).

Venues: Our Meetups will vary in location, topic, and themes.

1. U5 Headquarters socials: Adults 17+ unless mentioned in the post for that U5 Meetup. Located at 4600 Evansdale Road. For any 'DISCUSSION' Meetups, members should bring ONE topic-related comic book and be prepared to share a little bit of the story with other members.

2. For movie socials we would typically meet at the AMC 18 theater and enjoy the latest flick. If a movie is being shown at the venue, it would start at 5 pm.

3. For other socials we meet at 2nd & Charles Bookstore.

What to expect in upcoming socials:

comic book raffles, LIVE comic book auctions, Super-Duper costume parties, and other incredible theme-parties throughout the year. Super-kids parties. Events are OPEN to residents of quadrants VA, DC & MD. Please, no inter-galactic quadrants at this time. Please do NOT teleport in!

U5: Meetup is a sub-set of U5: Enterprises' U5: XTRA (a global art & entertainment company)

Typically, I look for at least 3-5 RSVPs/participants for it to be a GO. That's why RSVPing is super-duper important. This makes for better engagement and meetup discussions.

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