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So why are we called "Lion Riders" you may wonder? Well read on and you will know where that came from :)

We live in the most dynamic time in history where the amount of information that is being created by the day as well as the rate of change of things grows exponentially.

One of the best things that can help you in keeping up with this tremendous growth is to keep and grow a network of people around you and that starts with the family and friends in the center followed by professionals who can actually add knowledge, connections, and contacts like those who are in this network.

We meet periodically and present and discuss different topics of interest to members of the group. Feel free to suggest meet ups as I am sure the interest is as diverse as the members.

Back to why we are called "Lion Riders". Each one of us as an entrepreneur in his or her own way. We all in an endeavor to achieve and in the process, we encounter challenges and battles that we may or may not win, but we always survive. Well, you are not alone and this article will explain some of the tolls that going through those battles is like http://www.inc.com/magazine/201309/jessica-...;

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Introduction To Online Trading & Investing

Nadia Training Institute

Details There is a new paradigm in the global economy and that is one of low growth, low savings yields, yet record-high stock and other financial markets. That is why savers will never get ahead of investors in the current global economic conditions. This 2-hour seminar will provide you with a clear 3-step roadmap and will cover the following: 1- Why Trade and/or Invest? Why doing neither is no longer a good option 2- The mechanics of placing trades on a demo account provided by Saxo Bank. 3- Placing 10 practice trades on the demo account based on a clear trading plan and market analysis. Why Attend Whether you are looking to develop a second revenue stream or just gain more control over your financial growth, you will find this seminar to be time well spent. The objective of the seminar: 1- Learn about global markets and what causes them to move 2- Hand-on training on the online trading platform 3- Learn one basic trading strategy and test it live 4- Ultimately get on a path of learning how to create and master a skill that might one day become your only financial insurance today. Attendees will receive the following: - Demo (practice) account to kick off your education risk-free - Coffee and snacks will be served - Free Book: "Currency Trading Book" Call or what'sApp with any questions Amro[masked]

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Dear All , Good Day, Guess it's time for a meet and interact with the brilliant mind ? I'm not sure when and where, so keeping the options open ? -- Very Best Regards,

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Blockchain Technology and Crypto-Assets Seminar

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