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My Meetup group is about highlighting the importance of the UAE culture as United Arab Emirates is home to a rich cultural heritage which has been strongly influenced by its unique environment. The region's varied terrain, desert, oasis, mountains and coast, dictated the traditional lifestyles that evolved over the centuries. A resilience and resourcefulness necessary to survive in these harsh conditions was fostered by society’s age-old tribal structure, each family was traditionally bound by obligations of mutual assistance to his immediate relatives and to the tribe as a whole. Among the tribe an individual's selfless hospitality was the source of his honour and pride.

This group is created mainly to the expats who should be more aware of UAE culture in order to enjoy living in UAE.

Expats will have a good chance to learn the UAE culture from an Emirati person and in the same time they can share ideas, questions and thoughts and learn from each other.

My members can learn manythings such as:

The history of UAE

The present of UAE

Some roles and law of UAE

Dos and donts in UAE

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