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I couldn't think of any particular topic for my meetup except food and drink and meeting new people so decided to make it more fun and make it an Underground pub social. As in the Tube and not the Sewers! I don't know if it's been done before but I got the idea from a charity pub crawl I did once with my voluntary work colleagues. We chose to shake buckets at pubs along the Central Line. We chose the Central Line I believe for the city workers and it was during Christmas. It was fun and we raised loads. So it would be fitting if we start with the Central Line. This will take us to Epping if we start North.

At first I called the group London And Just Beyond UG Pub Grub but changed it to Love on the UG Pub Grub Meetup because quite frankly it sounds more catchy and I wanted a relationships theme to the meetup.

So our Meetups will be at pubs located at all the UG stations on the UG map and we'll use the occasions not only to eat pub lunches and dinners but also to check out each area and plan trips back for museums, parks, cinema or anything else we discover and find interesting, if we don't have time to do them on the same day. I use to run several meetups years ago so I know going forward I will be taking some of my ideas for things to do from those.

There will also be some dating themed meetups as our group grows.

So getting back to the basics we'll start at the end of each UG line one UG line at a time and travel along it to a different station each meetup we have. We will try to meet monthly initially and possibly if time allows going forward fortnightly.

We will be doing just one pub per Meetup so it won't be so much a crawl as it will rather a slow snail slither along the Underground!

This will be a lot of fun during the Summer months but also a good Winter meetup too. We'll have to go out of our way to visit the pubs with real open fireplaces! Can't think of anything more cosy during the Winter!

I can't think of a more fun way to explore our city and just beyond and meet new people. This may sound sad but I do have a secret fascination with the London Underground. I've never had to use the UG for work and am thankful for that but using it for fun and not because you want to get to work on time on a busy miserable weekday morning is a whole new kettle of fish! The UG now running at the weekends should also make it easier. I always wonder what it would be like to go the end of the UG lines I've used. I've always lived in London and still don't know most of it! I don't think most people can say they've visited every UG station on the map but by the time I'm through running this Meetup Group I might just get to boast of such!

If you're new to London or want to really get to know your city and its vicinity with like-minded people and have fun! If you love pub grub. If you love pubs! Especially cosy old English ones! Enjoy drinking responsibly. If you love meeting new people making new friends and expanding your social circle. If you just love to get out and about and try new things join us!



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Theydon Bois Love On The UG (Epping Forest Part 2)

Theydon Bois tube station (Central line)

Hi Everyone! It's the month of romantic love and we won't let it pass us by without a mention and plan to get together and so with that our next Meetup is in Theydon Bois. As we will still be in close proximity to Epping Forest I figured it would be nice to continue to explore it with hopefully some new aswell as now familiar faces. As before I recommend walking shoes or boots especially as we have experienced a lot of rainy weather in the last few months. You can always bring a change of clothes and footwear for the pub later. I probably will because I'm extra like that! Our pub this meetup will be the Queen Victoria. Definately not Albert Squares I'm afraid. Hopefully a lot nicer and with a lot less drama! The food certainly looks nice and it's not too far from the station. It dates back to the 1860's. The bar and restaurant have royal inspired decor which I'll certainly enjoy with my fascination with monarch history especially Henry VIII. They have an outdoor terrace, if by chance we're early enough to enjoy it and the weather holds up and a non-gluten menu. It's also dog friendly but wrong meetup! We will meet at the station around 2pm. Plenty of time to take in some more forest air before the pub in the late afternoon evening. Check out the links below: https://www.destinationinns.co.uk/pubs/queenvictoria/ https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attractions-g3175056-Activities-Theydon_Bois_Essex_England.html https://tfl.gov.uk/ http://www.tubemaplondon.org/

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New Year Epping UG Love Pub Grub First Meetup

Epping Forest

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