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Hello "Green" colleagues!

I took over this U Gotta Go Green group to help promote initiatives that will preserve and protect our environment and natural resources. The U Gotta Go Green MeetUp group's aim is to create meaningful action through interpersonal connection, implementation and co-operative activity!

I am willing to share my passion about working to preserve and protect our local area and beyond, so that future generations may enjoy the same splendor and richness that we do here in this SouthWest Florida paradise.

My personal interests span from making "greener" choices in my own day-to-day existence to working with others in helping them to green their lifestyles, residences & businesses.

Together we can build an active and involved "Green" community with unified energy, spirit and action to bring about a more sustainable future for all!

You are invited to join me and other commited individuals here in SWFL as we embark upon this path to persist for positive change?

This is a critical time of transition all around the globe.

Each of us: CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE by actively participating!!

If we don't sow the seeds today to cultivate a greener world, it won't be there for tomorrow.

I look forward to Meeting Up with you soon!


Dennis Blum

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