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Citidata Hack
I am not the organiser of this hackathon and I will not be attending this hackathon. Sign up on Eventbrite here ( or Future Cities Catapult specialises in advancing urban innovation and growing UK business and Space Syntax provides strategic consulting services in the planning and design of cities are hosting Tombolo (’s first hackathon: Citidata Hack at the Urban Innovation Centre in London from 16th – 18th March 2018. Data specialists, software developers, user experience (UX) designers and service designers are invited to explore how they can use their skills during a fast-paced weekend at the Urban Innovation Centre ( to explore how city authorities could improve how they use data to address urban challenges. The amount of data being produced within our cities is rapidly increasing. With this, our decision-makers need to understand how this data can be utilised to create solutions to the challenges our cities face. City authorities from around the UK will present a major challenge that they currently face, and participants will explore this through the insight gained from connecting real data-sets. Multi-disciplinary teams will then have 48 hours to hack a new piece of open source software – the Digital Connector ( – analyse data to uncover new insights and propose an innovative solution for how each city authority could redesign their services to tackle their local challenge. Weekend Hackathon guests will not only have the chance to win carefully selected prizes but will also benefit from a series of engaging talks from data scientists, digital designers, service designers and open source experts who are currently applying their skills in this space. The Hackathon will be followed by an optional month-long competition, where teams can develop their proposals further for the chance to win an additional prize. Deadline for proposals: 13th April 2018. At this link you will register your interest. This does guarantee your place, but you will receive confirmation on March 2nd. Check out the Digital Connector in GitHub (! Learn more about the Tombolo project and the Digital Connector at (

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For those of us that enjoy participating in hackathons and jams - where we create and compete to produce the next big thing that will change the world... even if it's just a little bit at a time.


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