What we're about

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift” - Albert Einstein

Are you interested in unleashing the surprises of this gift? Of your own intuition and spiritual purpose on this earth? Are you interested in spirituality and self-growth and sharing it with others?

Would you like to embark on a completely new journey with other like minded people?

This group aims to bring together different ways of Spirituality and create a REAL community, with those who feel like a spiritual path should be shared and embarked upon with other people, their partners, their soul family.

Spirituality can be a very lonely path - however we have a CHOICE - a choice to show up, to share our vulnerabilities, our joys and laughter's as well as our shadows and bad days.

We have free socials and picnics, amazing healing events for body and soul (and both at the same time!), open to all, some events that are focusing on women and their connection to their Womb's and so much more.

This group however can't be anything without YOUR support, your physical attendance on meetings, so please do come along!

Some of the events here will help you reconnect with the wisdom, love and innocence we all hold in our Womb's and Hara's, which are the seats of our power and creation, that have been hidden, shamed or disgraced for centuries.

To reclaim the beauty and elemental connection we all have within ourselves with the Divine through our lower chakras.

This is NOT a tantra group as my teachings stem from shamanism, the grail lineage and other spiritual directions. I also believe in reconnecting with nature as part of our development so there will be days out to nature and other ways of connecting to Gaia and with each other.

This meetup is for you if:

• you simply want to meet like minded people and have beautiful healing experiences together

• you are interested in a wide variety but very powerful spiritual experiences

• you are interested in sexual healing and reclaiming your power, your own voice

• you need support in overcoming a sexual trauma

• you would like to open to more deep connection with your partner and live in Sacred Sexual Union

• you are looking for your Mate in life and would like to draw him/her from the healed place of your creative power centre

• you wish to develop a healthy and beautiful Sacred Union with your own Body Temple and sexuality

Hope to see you on one of the many events that are happening throughout the year - they are open to basically anyone who is ready and open to heal themselves through spirituality! :)

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