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New clases: Esoteric Yoga Level 1

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Every week on Monday

Price: $20.00 /per person


This course is both theoretical and practical.You do not need any previous experience with Yoga to attend.

You must be 7 or older to attend. Children under 14 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Yoga can be defined in modern terms as being the most encompassing system of self improvement. This system aims not just at obtaining a healthy and ideal body, or a strong and positive mind. Yoga teaches us how to control and elevate our emotions and reactions to life’s events. We gradually learn to amplify all that is good in us, and transform that which is limited or painful. The ultimate goal is to become aware of our unlimited potential and true divine identity.

What is Yoga and what does it do?

• It is a spiritual system

• It is health oriented

• It answers questions about life, why we are here

• It is all encompassing

• It discontinues the argument between religion and science

• It delves into all aspects of a human being and its place in the Universe

• It de-stresses

• It breaks the battle of the sexes

• It is a practical system of knowledge that offers step by step guidance

The Intensive Yoga Class

Yoga it is a true spiritual path that deals with man in holistic terms. Yoga will help a person’s mind, body and spirit.

In the Intensive Yoga class you will learn:

• Yoga poses and their meanings and effects

• Breathing exercises

• Meditation and techniques for controlling your mind

• Philosophical ideology

• Techniques to keep you healthy and strong

• Techniques to keep you mentally in balance

• Means of using your everyday life events for mental and spiritual development

• A spiritual approach to relationships

• A mature understanding of sexuality.

If you are looking for practical means of living your life as life is meant to live, this Yoga Classes may be your answer.