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Speaker: Dr. Alon Amit

Probability and statistics have a delightful capacity to confound and confuse. After demonstrating this capacity with a few toy examples, we will present several impossible statistical situations that actually occurred - in sports statistics, class-action lawsuits and various situations at some well-known software companies. Building on those examples we will try to demonstrate the importance - and subtlety - of properly choosing and interpreting metrics, both for machine learning and for human consumption.

Alon Amit ( received a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, where he also obtained an M.Sc. in Mathematics and a B.Sc. in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics. He is a Co-founder and VP of Product at Origami Logic (, a data exploration startup, and has previously worked as a Product Manager at Facebook and Google and as Vice President at Compugen, a biotechnology firm.

Alon is a frequent speaker at math ( circles ( around ( the San Francisco Bay Area, an officer of the Golden Section ( of the MAA, and a contributor to Quora (, math.SE ( and Mathoverflow (