Data Science in Healthcare - Rob Wynden, PhD, CEO of Aloha Health Network


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Data Science in Healthcare for patients and clinical trials; the data science of unstructured data mining for personalized medical referrals.

Talk Description

Rob Wynden, PhD is the founder and CEO of Aloha Health Network, an unbiased patient referral service based on patient clinical phenotyping and the data mining of unstructured clinical data. Rob will discuss the data science processing required to make this system operate, and the impact that has on patient advocacy and clinical trial recruitment.

Bio: Rob Wynden, PhD.

Rob Wynden, PhD has over 30 years of software engineering and engineering management experience with special emphasis on healthcare technology and biomedical & biological informatics. Rob also has a PhD in biomedical and biological informatics from UCSF. Rob has served as Chief Scientist in informatics at UCSF. Then, Rob served as the CTO of, a clinical trial automation platform recently purchased by Oracle Corporation. Most recently, Rob is the founder and CEO of Aloha Health Network which matches patients to the most appropriate clinical trial. Rob is also a Consulting CTO for Data Science for Healthcare clients for Telegraph Hill Software. Rob has worked on several data science and data mining platforms, including the Health Ontology Mapper project for the NIH, and has worked on 2 advanced research grid computing projects.