What we're about

What we are about:

OK, this is easy:
"Doing business faster with people you like."
Simple enough! Now, let's get to work together.

USSuccess Events is a premier event group serving the needs of Entrepreneurs, Executives, Entertainers & Business Professionals who want to create more contacts, leads, & referrals to accelerate their businesses. We produce networking group events as a service to the business community. It is an opportunity to have, at least, one more business conversation before going home.

Our aim is to attract members who are committed to:
contributing & listening to others,
sharing products/services and expertise,
participating in appropriate, kind & effective business conversations.

This network's success is judged by:
the level of participation generated by everyone
the added value that members gain through participating
the extent that people look forward to attending live events.

We feel we can either talk "about" business or we can have business "show up" without being "sold" or "talked at."

How we are distinct in the marketplace is not what we are selling.
How we are distinct in the marketplace is other people's experience of who we are.

Out of kind & effective conversations, we earn trust & learn how to truly support one another.

At our events, you meet more people quickly and easily (without all the struggle & effort).

What do we do during the events:

Join a table, exchange cards, meet the people around you.

Bring your cards and marketing materials.

This is your network group to attend to accelerate your business!

There are no commercials.

There is no spotlight.

There are no membership hoops to jump through.

There's only you, much like your business, and you jump in ... participating with the rest.

This is all based on participation (rather than exclusivity). The more you participate, the more money you make.

Our process is for business connections (contacts, leads & referrals).

We allow networkers to get with as many people as they can in the time allotted without a cumbersome agenda. The conversations flow is quicker & easier (without struggle & effort).

Where do we do all of this:

For 2017, USSuccess Events are in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

These meeting venues may change to hotels, country clubs, restaurants, nite clubs & members’ places of business:

You might visit these networking group sites, too:





We are here to serve you & see your business accelerate this year.

Why not meet 500 new people yearly?

Your Organizer & Contact Person,

Forrest Allen Ward
Forrest@USSuccessCenter.com (Forrest@ForrestAllenWard.com)

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