Past Meetup

ANNOUNCING: 2 March 6th Events @ our "Full Lunchtime of Networking" in Dallas

This Meetup is past


You will pay $5.00 for the events. The $5.00 for the events does NOT include lunch. You pay for lunch online now. This is good if you have certain dietary needs.

Read the LUNCH INFO below to order & pay for your lunch through Jason's Deli.

Here is what is going to be happening:

11:00-11:45am BusinessExchangeDFW
This event is for Professionals to network and build their business relationships. It's about creating appointments, and extending contacts, leads & referrals.

12:00-1:30pm Speaking For Success
This event is for Professionals who use talks, presentations & public speaking to accelerate their businesses. There will be a time of discussion with the scheduled speakers ... and a time for speakers to network with one another.
Our Power Speaker is: Michelle Botzau. Michelle helps grow businesses! She is with the Dallas Business Journal. She enrolls DFW area businesses in this most prestigious publication. Dallas Business Journal is the dominant and most-trusted source of business news in North Texas. Michelle has a talent with people from all levels of business. The Dallas Business Journal offers breaking business news updated throughout the day. They offer news in a variety of formats: email, web, social media, and print. No matter how you like to read the news, they've got you covered!
Our Keynote Speaker is: Daniel Nye, CTP. Dan is Vice President of the Hillcrest Bank in the Treasury Management division. Hillcrest Bank is in Uptown Dallas. Dan is knowledgeable in corporate lending at all levels. He shows small businesses how to create a thriving relationship with their personal and business banker. Dan's forte is his concept of "Golden Rule Banking."

There is a $5.00 charge for either or both events. The $5.00 charge at the door excludes lunch.
LUNCH INFO to follow.
The charge will be $5.00 for the 2 events at this Lunchtime. No matter what portion you attend, it will be $5.00. (Please don't make the mistake that each of the 2 events is paid for separately.) The charge to attend any or all of these 2 events is $5.00.
1. If a person comes only to the BusinessExchangeDFW event, the charge will be $5.00 (and includes staying over for the Speaking For Success event).
2. If a person comes only to the Speaking For Success event, the charge will be $5.00.
3. If a person comes to BOTH events, the charge is $5.00 ... this is where the most value is.


We have worked a special deal with The Alcove & with Jason's Deli.
The Alcove will sell their drinks & desserts & Jason's Deli will sell their items form their menu.
When you RSVP on this MeetUp site, then email me your email address ( ).
1. I will add your email to Jason's Deli Group Order Page and send it in by 9am on March 6th.
2. Jason's Deli will email you a code, and you can order anything you'd like & pay for it online. If you have special dietary needs, you can order what is appropriate for you.
3. There will be a cut-off time to order @ 9:00am, February 5th.
4. Jason's Deli will deliver all the orders to the location. There will be NO delivery charge for your order.
5. Our MeetUp starts @ 11:am. The Delivery will be between 11:30am & 12pm.

For more information which you may not have found in this explanation, you can call or contact:

Forrest Allen Ward
Founder & President of US Success Center,
a Corporate Education & Networking Organization


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