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Beaker Notebook: the UX of Iterative Data Exploration

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Scott Draves and Jeff Hendy will present the Beaker Notebook ( – a new open source tool for collaborative data science. Like IPython, Beaker uses a notebook-based metaphor for idea flow. However, Beaker was designed to be polyglot from the ground up. That is, a single notebook may contain cells from multiple different languages that communicate with one another through a unique feature called autotranslation. You can set a variable in a Python cell and then read that variable in a subsequent R cell, and everything just works, magically. Beaker comes with built-in support for Python, R, Scala, Groovy, Julia, and Javascript. In addition, Beaker also supports multiple kinds of cells for text, like HTML, LaTeX, Markdown, and a unique visualization library that allows for the plotting of large data sets. This talk will motivate the design, review the architecture, and include a live demo of Beaker in action.

Scott Draves is an award-winning software artist who works at Two Sigma Open Source, where he develops the Beaker Notebook

Jeff Hendy is a punk rocker and poker player who currently leads user experience at Two Sigma and was a founding member of the Beaker Notebook team