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UX Data Visualization workshop

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As creatives, we are often given the challenging task of communicating complex information to an audience in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand. An important part of the design process is considering how our audience will engage with and understand what we make.

The challenge for data visualization is two fold; encoding data through appropriate visualization methods (creation), and considering how the information will be decoded by an audience (reception). This workshop is an introduction to the UX design thinking behind conceptualizing and forming a data visualization. Together, we’ll observe the holistic process of using data to create a narrative and visualization.

In this workshop we’ll cover some data visualization basics: understanding data structures, common visualization methods, and attention to marks and visual language. We’ll look at industry-defining examples of visualizations and identify the decisions that were made in their development. We’ll also explore the importance of storytelling and engagement through defining a target audience and context.

You’ll leave this workshop with an understanding of:

• FORM: Familiarity of dataset variables and appropriate visualization methods for variable types.

• CONTEXT: Things to consider about when and where your audience might engage with a visualization.

• PRESENTATION: Ways to break up the narrative of a visualization to support engagement and comprehension.

Together we’ll ask questions surrounding a specific dataset, select variables and methods to investigate, and sketch the foundation of a visualization. Participants will learn a step-by-step plan and a list of resources to continue making visualizations independently.

About the Presenter:

Ashley Treni ( is a UX designer at DockYard ( She received a Masters in Information Design and Visualization from Northeastern University. She’s a data vis geek and loves deconstructing visualizations and interactive experiences.