Immersive Healthcare: Applying VR and 3D gaming technology to patient education

Hosted by UX Oxford

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Cognitant is on a mission to help people understand and take control of their health. The world’s population is growing and we are living longer. Healthcare services around the world are struggling to meet the needs and demands of the 21st Century. We need the tools to manage our own health in order to avoid unnecessary complications and reduce the impact of ill health. To do that we need to be better informed about our health, diseases and treatment. Everyone has access to an overwhelming volume of information online, but how do we know what information to trust?

Cognitant enables people to understand their health and treatment in two ways:
1. Health information in 3D
2. Healthinote: trusted information recommended by your doctor

Rick Knowles (CTO) and Becca Sharman (Business Director) will walk us through the history of VR, VR in healthcare, and will demonstrate their patient-user journey and how they designed it.